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A Squirrel of a Different Colour

A story from

Teachers and pupils at Meoncross School in Stubbington, Hants, were amazed when they saw the creature through the window during a lesson.
Since the squirrel, now nicknamed Pete, was first seen, it has become a regular fixture at the school but no one has been able to say whether the animal has fallen into purple paint, had a run-in with some purple dye, or whether there is another explanation.
Dr Mike Edwards, an English teacher, said: "I was sitting in my classroom and looked out the window and saw it sitting on the fence. I had to do a double take.
"Since then it's been a bit of a regular at the school - everyone's seen it.
"We thought it might have been paint or something but then when you look at it up close, it's an all over coat, not in patches like you'd expect if it had been near some paint.
"Its fur actually looks purple all the way through. It's an absolute mystery."
Pupils, staff and parents have contacted …

Can Your Cat Do This?

Meet Nora the cat prodigy.

I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas Fox!

Ok, my apologies to Irving Berlin and Bing Crosby .
From Ralph

Picaso Reincarnated

Now this is talent! Horses are very smart animals. They are working animals, racing animals, chasing animals, and gaming animals. Now they are painting animals. I don't believe they will paint your house though! (Be sure to watch the time lapse at the end of this video. It's very funny.)

Be sure to check out the horses' website! Click here for

Watch the Sun Rise of Balmy Salisbury Beach. (around 7AM)

I tryed to make this a streaming post but the url won't work so here is a link to the live webcams at the Pavilion at Salisbury Beach. Click here.

Santas in Speedos Run for Heat!

This is an annual event in Boston. It's the annual Santa Speedo run. It's a fund raiser to benefit "Cradles to Crayons." A yearly event every Decemeber. This year's temp was a balmy 25F. Link below.

For link to Santa Speedo Run, click here.

Pug vs. Laser

How can you not laugh at this? I can see him saying, "Im' gonna get that damn laser!"

Wolf Plays with Grizzly Cubs... Gets Charged by Mom

Uncommon footage of a wolf just playing around. Mom is overprotective and bluffs a charge. It's rare to see different species interacting this way. Sound included, listen carefully.

Dog Rescues Dog!

Who says dogs don't have feelings of compassion and concern? Just check this video. Simply amazing, very cool.

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Small Town New Hampshire - Police Logs

Ok, so there is this town near where my sister lives in New Hampshire. It's a rather small, backwoods, town called Rochester. To be clear, every town in New Hampshire is small and backwoods. Evidently Rochester Police Department has a clever officer who writes up the police log and then submits it to the local, Rochester Times, (weekly) newspaper. The Rochester Times is a division of the conglomerate mega media empire of Foster's Daily Democrat, out of Dover, NH. (a not so small town but still backwoods) These log entries are all entered entered into this blog verbatim.
The following logs are from the October 2, 2008 issue of the Rochester Times:
Wednesday, Sept. 17, 2008 1:49 AM - At Springfield estates someone sprints from a building as someone approaches. He says sorry for spooking her, but she remains apprehensive.
7:26 AM - A truck parked near the Gonic Post Office reportedly has a man sleeping in it, with a puddle by the drivers door. Police find it's a woman who slept i…

Parade of Cows - Boston, MA

Yes there were about 100 of these cows all over Boston and Cambridge in the summer of 2006. I got a few shots of my favorite cows. They had these clever names but I don't remember the name of them all.
This is the New England Patriots Cow - Prudential Mall
Red Sox Green MOOnster - Prudential Mall
Boston Celtics Cow - Prudential Mall
This is the Boston Broooins Cow - Prudential Mall
These are the "Make way a for Calflings" Cows. Designed after the famous "Make Way for Ducklings" sculpture in the Boston Public Garden.
"Cape Cowed" - Copley Square

This is the "Trojan Cow," still displayed at Boston's South Station. All cows were auctioned off for different charities.

Infamous Boston Mobster Spotted with Whitey Bulger

I have always been a fan of's most emailed story of the day. I like to see what people are thinking about on certain days especially important days in history.
Sometimes readers are right on the money, emailing significantly important stories to one another. Other times I just don't understand what people were thinking. for instance, the day after Election Day the most emailed story was about a rogue wave hit the coast of Maine. If it was a disastroustsunami I would understand, but this was nothing but a few ripples in the complex series of tides that batter the coastline.
So today Sunday, November 23, 2008, I was going through the headlines, (I rarely purchase a paper anymore) I was surprised by today's most emailed story list. It's a story about a lost turkey. A lost turkey? Yes a lost turkey. But this isn't any old turkey. This is a turkey that made its home in South Boston on the same hill that George Washington fired his cannons to rid the…

House Falls Into Ocean

I was once a lifeguard on this beach. Sad to see these homes falling away.

ON THE BRINK: Officials force collapse of Plum Island house onto beach
PLUM ISLAND -- Fearing tonight's high tide would complete the destruction of a Plum Island home teetering on the eroded dune's edge, officials forced the collapse of the structure in an effort to ease the cleanup.
Crews will now have to scramble to pick up the pieces of the two-story home in advance of the next high tide before 11 p.m. tonight, before the ocean takes the rest away.
Battered by fierce wind-driven waves, the house in Plum Island Center teetered on the brink of collapse this morning as the dune it sits on was ripped apart by the sea. Its owners left the home late last night after hearing a loud crack.
The house, on 7th Street, lost roughly half of the dune on which it had sat as giant waves pelted the dune at the 10:44 a.m. high tide. Bare pilings were all that held it up.
Yesterday's storm took a heavy toll on the du…

Dog Shoots Man?

Has anyone heard of this before?
Tillamook-area man, hunting in boat, hurt when dog triggers shotgunby Tom Hallman Jr., The OregonianSaturday November 22, 2008, 2:17 PMA Tillamook-area man was shot in the leg while duck hunting with his brother this morning when his dog -- a 3-year-old yellow Labrador -- somehow touched the man's 12-gauge shotgun.Matthew Marcum, 23, and his 20-year-old brother were on the Tillamook Bay near Bay City. Both were outside the 11-foot open aluminum boat when the accident occurred, according to Oregon State Police.The shotgun blast blew a hole in the left side of the boat and struck Matthew's leg. Matthew was taken to Tillamook County General Hospital and later transferred to Legacy Emanuel Hospital & Health Center in Portland for treatment. The extent of his wound and his condition were unknown.Troopers investigating the incident found the shotgun's safety had been in the off position.-- Tom Hallman Jr.; tomhallman@news.oregonian.comhttp://w…

Shiba Inu Puppies Live!

Editors Note: Sorry if they are not live when you view this blog. They were live last night, November 24, 2008, but evidently they don't stream them live 24/7. If you click on the slide show it will bring you to their Ustream channel. There are many clips of the puppies as well as names and vital information. I will keep checking to see if they are live. They are so cute!

Cat Learns To Drive

Now if we can train cats to do dishes we would have it made!

News Going to the Turkeys

What is the number one emailed story at the Boston Globe today? It's a story about how to get rid of turkeys. (the bird... in case you were wondering) Click here for a link to the story. I just thought that was hilarious. Evidently there is more of a turkey problem out there than I know. There is one thing they forgot to add.... an axe. Good luck turkeys. Your day will come!

Cat Fight!

Don't Worry, Be Happy!

Some very cool and silly pets! Check them out:)

The Final Sacrifice

Two minutes till 11 o'clock, November 11, 1918. This was the moment of the final casualty of World War I, "the Great War."

In this compelling story a young man coming from a rough life on the flat cold plains of inland Canada goes over seas to fight for his country. He is tragically killed just before the bullets stopped flying...... Moments later church bells rang out in celebration throughout the world.
But there is more irony. Click here for the rest of the story.

Want Something Warm and Fuzzy?

There is nothing more warm and fuzzy than tiny little kittens. This blog I just found features some very tiny and cute kitties! What makes them even cuter and cuddlier is the fact that they were rescued from the cold Canadian night. Just click on the link below and get ready to be all warm and fuzzy. This pic is just a tease. Check them all out
Click here.

New Jobs for Sarah Palin

Well she tried hard but she just couldn't pull it off. Sorry Sarah. We have some suggestions for a new job when if you just don't like being Governor of Alaska.
1. Cosmetic advisor on a local pig farm. 2. Sales person at Lens Crafters. 3. Watch commander at Coast Guard Station Little Diomede Island. (you can really see Russia from there) 4. Maine hunting guide. She knows where all the moose are. They will love her up there. 5. Professional clothing buyer for all republican woman who shop on 5th Avenue. 6. Palin/Clinton 2012!  7. Head Bull of the local Moose Lodge. 8. ASSistant to Joe the Plumber. 9. Drinking buddy for Joe six-pack 10. Hair stylist to Whoopie Goldberg. 11. Bridge to no where engineer.

Throngs Come to Salem for Halloween!

Salem, Massachusetts October 31, 2008

Even cars get dressed up for Halloween in Salem!

American Hot Tub

American Hot Tub
Originally uploaded by Thomas Hawk Perfect for a Fourth of July!

Some Very Cool Addresses for Halloween

These places were rated the scariest street names in America by 1. Purgatory Road, Austin, Texas2. Bloody Spring Road, Philadelphia3. Mt. Misery Road, Melleville, N.Y.4. Spook Rock Road, Suffern, N.Y.5. Gallows Hill Road, Salem, MA6. Shades of Death Row, Andover, N.J.7. Hell Hollow, Voluntown, Conn.8. Beelzebub Road, South Windsor, Conn.9. Extraterrestrial Highway, Rachel, Nev.10. Gore Orphanage Road, Vermillion, Ohio
How would you like to live at one of those addresses? WOW!Happy Halloween

Human Video Game Players Have New Competition

Now pigeons will have more to do than sit around on statues! lol

Proof You Can Find ANYTHING On the Internet

What if McCain/Palin Don't Win the White House in November?

1. The entire State of Alaska becomes angered and disgruntled because their governor was not elected as Vice President.
2. Alaska feels disrespected by the "lower 48." 3. Alaska votes to succeed from the union. 4. Congress refuses to allow succession. 5. Alaska blocks oil exports from Valdez. 6. US Navy sends ships to Valdez on a "peace keeping mission." 7. Alaska declares war on US. Civil War II has begun. 8. Alaskan militia lobs RPG's from the mountains surrounding Valdez Bay on US Navy. Fishermen from Discovery Channel's "The Deadliest Catch," form a blockade. 9. US Navy flees in retreat. 10. US asks Canada for permission to send troops overland. 11. Canada refuses saying "go away you hosers." 12. US sends troops anyways. 13. US troops stopped at border by RCMP lead by Colonel Dudley Doright. 14. Alaska asks for military aid from Russia. 15. Russia sends aid to Alaska if Alaska promises to stop looking at Russia from their back porch. 16. Alaska as…

Cellular Service Comes to Maine

The folks in Woodstook, Maine unveiled the first cellular phone seen in their state since service was introduced to the rest of the nation in the mid 1980's. The whole town turned out to see the latest in technology. Ironically the place selected to for the ceremony was the last place in the country to have crank phone service. It remains to be seen how they will make the 15 foot tall phone mobile. Says one one rustic downeaster, " if you can't get theya from heea, you just pick up the recieva and crank!" The local hospital is concerned about a recent up swing in hernia surgery.
Click heea for the rest of the story from the

Man Sails Pumpkin Around the World!

No not really, that headline was just to grab you. But this is pretty wild news. I don't know what is more insane, the fact that this man found time to carve a huge pumpkin into a boat, or the fact that the BBC found this to be news worthy.
Click here to see him paddling his pumpkin. hehe. What's next whitewater pumpkining?

You Know You're a Red Neck When....

Enough Said!

Your Job is in Jeopardy!

With high fuel prices and a tanking economy what else do we have to worry about? Well, you may have to start worrying about being replaced by a monkey as this video clip will attest.

Click here for monkeys

My Friends the Wolves are in Trouble!

This person on Youtube has some very clever animations of dogs and cats morphing. He is a talented video and rap artist. Recently he posted this animation he made in defense of wolves.Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin supported legislation to hunt wolves from air planes to help artificially boost the moose and elk populations. This is a clever but more serious video he has produced. Check out his other videos.

Yes even the crazy fox has as political side:)

Ever Have One of Those Days?

Oh no.... I lost my contact lenses!

Now That's a Pumpkin!

In a previous post I blogged about the York - Ogunquit United Methodist Church "Pumpkin Patch" fund raiser. Each autumn they sell thousands of pumpkins as a fund raiser. It's a great community activity for the congregation. My good friend helps out at the "Pumpkin Patch" selling those pumpkins. I wonder if he has a pumpkin like this one. If he does, don't ask him to carry it to your car. :)
Pumpkin grower stakes record hopes on 'Beast from the East' - The Boston Globe

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Beautiful Murals at the Boston Public Library

Image via Wikipedia Just one of many beautiful murals at Boston Public Library. This one is part of a series entitled "The Muses of Inspiration, Hail the Spirit, The Harbinger of Light" by Purvis de Chavannes. There are other amazing murals around the library by John Singer Sargent's "Judaism and Christianity," and Edwin Austin Abbey's "The Quest and Achievement of the Holy Grail."
Image via Wikipedia
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Autumnal Seasons Greetings

Pumpkin Field
Originally uploaded by njchow82 It's pumpkin time. Have you ever seen so many pumpkins? I remember Pettingill's Farm in Salisbury. They had a farm stand where they would put all the pumpkins they grew. It was always a treat to go there and purchase a pumpkin to carve for Halloween. On occasion some mischievous neighborhood teens would raid the farm stand or the field and smash a few pumpkins on Ferry Road. Pettingill's was also special to us as children because they had pigs, sheep and cows. This was a real working family farm. Gradually Mr. Pettingill gave up the animals and concentrated on just his vegetable and fruit business. Most of the family farms in Salisbury are gone. They are victims of suburban housing development. Memory never fades.

Bear story and once-in-a-lifetime pictures

Black bears typically have two cubs, rarely one or three. In 2007, in northern  New Hampshire , a black bear sow gave birth to five healthy young. There were two or three reports of sows with as many as four cubs but five was, and is, extraordinary. I learned of them shortly after they emerged from their den and set myself a goal of photographing all five cubs with their mom, no matter how much time and effort was involved. I knew the trail they followed on a fairly regular basis, usually shortly before dark. After spending nearly four hours a day, seven days a week, for six weeks I had that once in a lifetime opportunity and photographed them in the shadows and dull lighting of the evening. Due to these conditions the photograph is a bit noisy as I had to use the equivalent of a very fast film speed on my digital camera. The print is properly focused and well exposed with all six bears posing as if they were in a studio for a family portrait:

I stayed in touch with othe…

Epic Fail!

This was the comany that was hired to move the 200 year old 1st Baptist Church in Salem as part of the new Judicial Center project. Needless to say they won't be doing the work. A new company has been hired to move the behemoth. The work will be complete in November. History is gone in 2 seconds. So sad.

The Final Day of an Uncommon Summer

Oh my. This video is so peaceful. It's a great commentary on what this summer has been. What an appropriate story to be posted on the final day of this wonderful summer. The photography is amazing.

Pumpkin Mania Comes to York, Maineia (get it?)

Ok, I'll admit it, that was a bad pun, but I just couldn't resist. 
The good folks at the York - Ogunquit United Methodist Church, in York, Maine, are in the midst of their annual pumpkin selling fund raiser. Each year they have a million pumpkins (maybe an exageration) shipped to the front steps of the church and they sell as many pumpkins as they can before halloween. It's a great program, not only does it benefit the church's ministries, but it benefits a group of naitive Americans in New Mexico. The members of the church come together to volunteer to "mind the pumpkin patch." The added benefit is easy to see, it provides an opportunity for the congregation to interact in another setting. I have to admit this is a clever way to raise funds for a good cause.
If you are in the area of the church (1026 US Route 1, York, ME) in this harvest season stop on by and grab an arm load of pumkins. They have great deals. You never know, you may find the Great pumpkin!

Memories of Boxers

The earliest memory that I can recall is of being covered in puppies. What a warm and fuzzy notion that is, to be covered in puppies. I must have been 3 or 4 at the time. It was at the first house were we lived in Rowley, Massachusetts. My sister had a pet boxer, her name was Prinny. (real name Princess)

Prinny had a litter of puppies and as the story goes they would take all the puppies and pile them on top of me. It was a happy event as they were all licking me and tickling me. I would roll around on the ground as they jumped all over me. That is why this memory is one of my first and most vivid. There is nothing nicer that puppies running all over you.

I'm not sure how many litters of pups Prinny had. I never got that information, but my grandparents and uncle got one of the litter. My grandmother's boxer was named Flash. he had a white spot on his forehead. Flash was a mischief maker and was once accused of getting into a neighbor's chicken coop, doing some damage. Flash…

Bear Gets Treed!

It must be a slow news day over at Associated Press. But how can you resist a story like Pawlee the puppy and a cat named Jack, who chased a bear up a tree? This was the top emailed story at couple weeks back. Wow must be a slow news day for everyone.

Click here for the full story.

Meet Bo, the mighty (and crazy) cat!

Ok this cat belongs to my sister. She has had a history of crazy cats. (Angel, Angel II, Kity Rat, Smudge) We could write books on her cats antics.

There are many things this cat has gotten into. Among them are licking her pottery collection. (yes licking!) We havn't figured out why. She has given him his own water bowl made of the same pottery to keep him from licking her other prized pottery. Do you think this has worked? Let us know below!

PS. Doesn't he look like he just might jump up and bite you? lol

Lynn, Lynn, the City of Sin?

You know, some cities get a bad rap. Lynn, Massachusetts is one such city. It has a reputation of being a place of poverty and high crime, as well as an old myth of it being the capital of arson in this state. I was in Lynn on some business that brought me downtown a few weeks back. It gave me a chance to stroll around the downtown area. There is so much to see in Lynn now. But the one thing that I was impressed with is how nice the area around North Shore Community College is. It's all a very nicely landscaped park. It's closely accessible to an integrated transportation hub. With the harbor waterfront nearby what an asset this all is to the city.

This beautiful sculpture pictured in the grid above is on the grounds of the college. It depicts the industry of Lynn. It's difficult to see but this work of art towered over me. The front part depicts the Lynn industries on October 12, 1986 at 9:00AM. That was and still is part of the General Electric plant that manufactures jet…

Maybe They Were Seeking Political Asylum

Everyone is welcome in God's house - even the animals. Two former race horses fled their Long Island stables, and ended up a mile down the road, just a little closer to God.

read more | digg story

A Cat with Attitude

Doesn't it seem as if this cat is saying, "get out of my face"?

Awww This is so Cute :)

OMG Eagle's Nest Comes Crashing Down!

My friends the eagles had a nest in a tree which was monitored by some nosy humans on their web cams. It came crashing down in a thunderstorm. We have had some wild weather this summer! Well the juvenile that was in the nest at the time has been spotted in a tree and is ok. At this stage in his life he doesn't need the nest to feed. I hope they rebuild close by. I love watching them fly. Here is the video footage from the nosy humans web cam. Also a link to the cam sponsor if you click here.

This Ride is All Pimped Out!

"Oh, I wish I were an Oscar Meyer Weiner

That is what I truly like to beeeee

and if I were an Oscar Meyer Weiner

Everyone would be in love with me!"

The Trouble with Goats: They Don't Know They're Goats

Now even I can't figure out if this is either crazy or cool. I guess it could be both.

I counted 13 goats jumping out of that tree, what about you? Comment below!
Follow this link for more goats in trees!

Make Sure You Maintain the Speed Limit

Hmmmmm, I like to bike, but not necessarily on on interstate highway!
Watch For Bikes

East India Square - Salem, Massachusetts

This is the East India Square fountain in Salem, Massachusetts. This is on the other end of the pedestrian mall of Essex Street from the Towne House Square fountain.
The gate with water pouring out represents Salem's trading relationship with the far east, China and Japan. The stones where the mother and children are walking are in two levels. The top level represents Salem's coast line in the 1700's and the lower level represents Salem's coast line at the present. The stones where salvaged from the old cobblestones of Essex Street. This fountain is directly across the street from Peabody-Essex Museum.

Ouch! Now those are sharp teeth!

Oh this is so cool and cute you have to see this post from another blog! Click here! You won't regret it. But make sure you come back here or enjoy another one of my blogs Click here.

Dieting Pigeons

This is a cool idea. Boston has the fattest pigeons I have ever seen! These sign I found on the new Rose Kennedy Greenway. This is a new linear park that covers over the Big Big. It is on the site of the former Fitzgerald Central Artery, an old elvated highway.
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