This is a REPOST, 7/14/08. Just saying...

Ok, so here's the deal......

You are walking in the forest with your friend. when suddenly a huge grizzly bear runs out of the woods and towards your very best friend. You don't know if the bear is going to kill your friend, badly injure him by biting and mauling, or just leave a scratch on his hand. It is for certain that the bear WILL attack your very best friend. You just don't know to which degree the attack will be.

Now you can save your very best friend just by stepping between the bear and your friend. The bear WILL NOT harm you at all. The bear will walk away and you will be free. Everyone will be safe. However, If you choose to save your very best friend, you will experience rainy days for the rest of your life. Its not a catastrophic rain, or something that will change the environment, but it will be raining each and everyday for the rest of your life.

Your choice..... do you save your friend and experience rainy days for the rest of your life, or do u take a chance on letting the bear attack your friend? What do u decide and why? Let us know! Please post!
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