Lynn, Lynn, the City of Sin?

You know, some cities get a bad rap. Lynn, Massachusetts is one such city. It has a reputation of being a place of poverty and high crime, as well as an old myth of it being the capital of arson in this state. I was in Lynn on some business that brought me downtown a few weeks back. It gave me a chance to stroll around the downtown area. There is so much to see in Lynn now. But the one thing that I was impressed with is how nice the area around North Shore Community College is. It's all a very nicely landscaped park. It's closely accessible to an integrated transportation hub. With the harbor waterfront nearby what an asset this all is to the city.

This beautiful sculpture pictured in the grid above is on the grounds of the college. It depicts the industry of Lynn. It's difficult to see but this work of art towered over me. The front part depicts the Lynn industries on October 12, 1986 at 9:00AM. That was and still is part of the General Electric plant that manufactures jet engines. The rear part of the sculpture depicts the Lynn industries on October 12, 1720 at 9:00AM. This was apparently mostly shoe/boot makers. The whole thing rests on what looks like rails, indicting the importance of the railroads to the city. This is the work of the sculptor George Greenameyer.
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