Memories of Boxers

The earliest memory that I can recall is of being covered in puppies. What a warm and fuzzy notion that is, to be covered in puppies. I must have been 3 or 4 at the time. It was at the first house were we lived in Rowley, Massachusetts. My sister had a pet boxer, her name was Prinny. (real name Princess)

Prinny had a litter of puppies and as the story goes they would take all the puppies and pile them on top of me. It was a happy event as they were all licking me and tickling me. I would roll around on the ground as they jumped all over me. That is why this memory is one of my first and most vivid. There is nothing nicer that puppies running all over you.

I'm not sure how many litters of pups Prinny had. I never got that information, but my grandparents and uncle got one of the litter. My grandmother's boxer was named Flash. he had a white spot on his forehead. Flash was a mischief maker and was once accused of getting into a neighbor's chicken coop, doing some damage. Flash had a very cool pen where he could run, separate from my grandmothers prized gardens. He also had a very cool dog house which was built right into the garage. My uncle's boxer was called King. I think because my uncle always referred to himself as the "king." The actual king was the dog.

I can remember my father telling us of a time when we were at the Rowley River and he threw Prinny into the water to cool her off and let her swim. Apparently she couldn't swim well because as the story goes, "she sank like a stone to the bottom of the river." My father pulled his wallet out of his pants and jumped in fully clothed and brought Prinny back to the surface. I'm not sure if Prinny ever swam again for the rest of her life.

Prinny loved the fireplace in our house and would do all she could to get as close to the heat of the fire to stay warm. She got so close that her hair would get singed. Prinny loved to cuddle too. One of her favorite things to do was sit on a persons feet. She had to be close to one's she loved. She was a very loyal dog.

I was sad when she passed away. I was only 10 at the time. My father had to take Prinny to be put down as she was suffering with age. Boxers really suffer in old age. She was the first pet I ever knew. I cried for her.

This Youtube video brought back a lot of those memories. I can see a lot of Prinny in Oscar the boxer. This dog has his own Youtube channel, is a Youtube "celeb", a has a whole series of videos. They are so funny. I thought this was a nice video because it shows Oscar growing up as a puppy to age 2. Check out his channel here at OscarBoxer

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