What if McCain/Palin Don't Win the White House in November?

1. The entire State of Alaska becomes angered and disgruntled because their governor was not elected as Vice President.
2. Alaska feels disrespected by the "lower 48."
3. Alaska votes to succeed from the union.
4. Congress refuses to allow succession.
5. Alaska blocks oil exports from Valdez.
6. US Navy sends ships to Valdez on a "peace keeping mission."
7. Alaska declares war on US. Civil War II has begun.
8. Alaskan militia lobs RPG's from the mountains surrounding Valdez Bay on US Navy. Fishermen from Discovery Channel's "The Deadliest Catch," form a blockade.
9. US Navy flees in retreat.
10. US asks Canada for permission to send troops overland.
11. Canada refuses saying "go away you hosers."
12. US sends troops anyways.
13. US troops stopped at border by RCMP lead by Colonel Dudley Doright.
14. Alaska asks for military aid from Russia.
15. Russia sends aid to Alaska if Alaska promises to stop looking at Russia from their back porch.
16. Alaska asks Canada for military aid.
17. Canada sends all of it's sled dogs and mushers to Alaska. Wins the next Iditarod.
18. The three nation northern alliance now asks Norway. Sweden, and Finland to join.
19. The 6 nation circle of death is drawn on the globe.
20. The Polar Alliance League is formed. It's acronym is PAL.
21. PAL now forms a 16,284 mile fence around the circumference of the globe blocking any advance from southerners.
22. US allies with Iraq, Iran and Georgia, the country, to begin a new world order. It's acronym is USIIG
23. Plans are drawn up by USIIG to over throw PAL.
24. USIIG begins military build up on Canadian border but forgets that all of US's nuclear weapons were left in Alaska.
25. President of PAL Sarah Palin holds the key to those nukes.

Epilogue: New United Nations forms in the only country left on earth The Republic of Hawaii. Moose meat is declared the main dish at Thanksgiving around the world, in honor of the Martyr Palin. And you thought WW III was going to be in the middle east?
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