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Parade of Cows - Boston, MA

Yes there were about 100 of these cows all over Boston and Cambridge in the summer of 2006. I got a few shots of my favorite cows. They had these clever names but I don't remember the name of them all.
This is the New England Patriots Cow - Prudential Mall
Red Sox Green MOOnster - Prudential Mall
Boston Celtics Cow - Prudential Mall
This is the Boston Broooins Cow - Prudential Mall
These are the "Make way a for Calflings" Cows. Designed after the famous "Make Way for Ducklings" sculpture in the Boston Public Garden.
"Cape Cowed" - Copley Square

This is the "Trojan Cow," still displayed at Boston's South Station. All cows were auctioned off for different charities.

Infamous Boston Mobster Spotted with Whitey Bulger

I have always been a fan of's most emailed story of the day. I like to see what people are thinking about on certain days especially important days in history.
Sometimes readers are right on the money, emailing significantly important stories to one another. Other times I just don't understand what people were thinking. for instance, the day after Election Day the most emailed story was about a rogue wave hit the coast of Maine. If it was a disastroustsunami I would understand, but this was nothing but a few ripples in the complex series of tides that batter the coastline.
So today Sunday, November 23, 2008, I was going through the headlines, (I rarely purchase a paper anymore) I was surprised by today's most emailed story list. It's a story about a lost turkey. A lost turkey? Yes a lost turkey. But this isn't any old turkey. This is a turkey that made its home in South Boston on the same hill that George Washington fired his cannons to rid the…

House Falls Into Ocean

I was once a lifeguard on this beach. Sad to see these homes falling away.

ON THE BRINK: Officials force collapse of Plum Island house onto beach
PLUM ISLAND -- Fearing tonight's high tide would complete the destruction of a Plum Island home teetering on the eroded dune's edge, officials forced the collapse of the structure in an effort to ease the cleanup.
Crews will now have to scramble to pick up the pieces of the two-story home in advance of the next high tide before 11 p.m. tonight, before the ocean takes the rest away.
Battered by fierce wind-driven waves, the house in Plum Island Center teetered on the brink of collapse this morning as the dune it sits on was ripped apart by the sea. Its owners left the home late last night after hearing a loud crack.
The house, on 7th Street, lost roughly half of the dune on which it had sat as giant waves pelted the dune at the 10:44 a.m. high tide. Bare pilings were all that held it up.
Yesterday's storm took a heavy toll on the du…

Dog Shoots Man?

Has anyone heard of this before?
Tillamook-area man, hunting in boat, hurt when dog triggers shotgunby Tom Hallman Jr., The OregonianSaturday November 22, 2008, 2:17 PMA Tillamook-area man was shot in the leg while duck hunting with his brother this morning when his dog -- a 3-year-old yellow Labrador -- somehow touched the man's 12-gauge shotgun.Matthew Marcum, 23, and his 20-year-old brother were on the Tillamook Bay near Bay City. Both were outside the 11-foot open aluminum boat when the accident occurred, according to Oregon State Police.The shotgun blast blew a hole in the left side of the boat and struck Matthew's leg. Matthew was taken to Tillamook County General Hospital and later transferred to Legacy Emanuel Hospital & Health Center in Portland for treatment. The extent of his wound and his condition were unknown.Troopers investigating the incident found the shotgun's safety had been in the off position.-- Tom Hallman Jr.; tomhallman@news.oregonian.comhttp://w…

Shiba Inu Puppies Live!

Editors Note: Sorry if they are not live when you view this blog. They were live last night, November 24, 2008, but evidently they don't stream them live 24/7. If you click on the slide show it will bring you to their Ustream channel. There are many clips of the puppies as well as names and vital information. I will keep checking to see if they are live. They are so cute!

Cat Learns To Drive

Now if we can train cats to do dishes we would have it made!

News Going to the Turkeys

What is the number one emailed story at the Boston Globe today? It's a story about how to get rid of turkeys. (the bird... in case you were wondering) Click here for a link to the story. I just thought that was hilarious. Evidently there is more of a turkey problem out there than I know. There is one thing they forgot to add.... an axe. Good luck turkeys. Your day will come!

Cat Fight!

Don't Worry, Be Happy!

Some very cool and silly pets! Check them out:)

The Final Sacrifice

Two minutes till 11 o'clock, November 11, 1918. This was the moment of the final casualty of World War I, "the Great War."

In this compelling story a young man coming from a rough life on the flat cold plains of inland Canada goes over seas to fight for his country. He is tragically killed just before the bullets stopped flying...... Moments later church bells rang out in celebration throughout the world.
But there is more irony. Click here for the rest of the story.

Want Something Warm and Fuzzy?

There is nothing more warm and fuzzy than tiny little kittens. This blog I just found features some very tiny and cute kitties! What makes them even cuter and cuddlier is the fact that they were rescued from the cold Canadian night. Just click on the link below and get ready to be all warm and fuzzy. This pic is just a tease. Check them all out
Click here.

New Jobs for Sarah Palin

Well she tried hard but she just couldn't pull it off. Sorry Sarah. We have some suggestions for a new job when if you just don't like being Governor of Alaska.
1. Cosmetic advisor on a local pig farm. 2. Sales person at Lens Crafters. 3. Watch commander at Coast Guard Station Little Diomede Island. (you can really see Russia from there) 4. Maine hunting guide. She knows where all the moose are. They will love her up there. 5. Professional clothing buyer for all republican woman who shop on 5th Avenue. 6. Palin/Clinton 2012!  7. Head Bull of the local Moose Lodge. 8. ASSistant to Joe the Plumber. 9. Drinking buddy for Joe six-pack 10. Hair stylist to Whoopie Goldberg. 11. Bridge to no where engineer.