Infamous Boston Mobster Spotted with Whitey Bulger

I have always been a fan of's most emailed story of the day. I like to see what people are thinking about on certain days especially important days in history.

Sometimes readers are right on the money, emailing significantly important stories to one another. Other times I just don't understand what people were thinking. for instance, the day after Election Day the most emailed story was about a rogue wave hit the coast of Maine. If it was a disastrous tsunami I would understand, but this was nothing but a few ripples in the complex series of tides that batter the coastline.

So today Sunday, November 23, 2008, I was going through the headlines, (I rarely purchase a paper anymore) I was surprised by today's most emailed story list. It's a story about a lost turkey. A lost turkey? Yes a lost turkey. But this isn't any old turkey. This is a turkey that made its home in South Boston on the same hill that George Washington fired his cannons to rid the city of Boston of British troops. If you are wondering, South Boston isn't any rural section of Boston. It might just be the most densely populated neighborhood within the bounds of the city.

The story (link below) goes on the describe some the antics of Sully the turkey, like holding up the city's mass transit system. Sully even has his own Facebook page. (link below) But recently Sully has come up amongst the missing.

This begs the question. Where in the world is Sully? I'm partial to the thought that he is vacationing in Cancun with another famous Southie resident, Whitey Bulger. Good luck on your run from the law Sully!

For story about Sully click here.

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