New Jobs for Sarah Palin

Well she tried hard but she just couldn't pull it off. Sorry Sarah. We have some suggestions for a new job when if you just don't like being Governor of Alaska.

1. Cosmetic advisor on a local pig farm.
2. Sales person at Lens Crafters.
3. Watch commander at Coast Guard Station Little Diomede Island. (you can really see Russia from there)
4. Maine hunting guide. She knows where all the moose are. They will love her up there.
5. Professional clothing buyer for all republican woman who shop on 5th Avenue.
6. Palin/Clinton 2012! 
7. Head Bull of the local Moose Lodge.
8. ASSistant to Joe the Plumber.
9. Drinking buddy for Joe six-pack
10. Hair stylist to Whoopie Goldberg.
11. Bridge to no where engineer.


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