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Ok, so there is this town near where my sister lives in New Hampshire. It's a rather small, backwoods, town called Rochester. To be clear, every town in New Hampshire is small and backwoods. Evidently Rochester Police Department has a clever officer who writes up the police log and then submits it to the local, Rochester Times, (weekly) newspaper. The Rochester Times is a division of the conglomerate mega media empire of Foster's Daily Democrat, out of Dover, NH. (a not so small town but still backwoods) These log entries are all entered entered into this blog verbatim.

The following logs are from the October 2, 2008 issue of the Rochester Times:

Wednesday, Sept. 17, 2008
1:49 AM - At Springfield estates someone sprints from a building as someone approaches. He says sorry for spooking her, but she remains apprehensive.
7:26 AM - A truck parked near the Gonic Post Office reportedly has a man sleeping in it, with a puddle by the drivers door. Police find it's a woman who slept in the vehicle after a tiff. The puddle gets no further mention.
8:43 AM - A man is on the playground at the Maple Street School talking to himself. He could be a ventriloquist perfecting his act. Police arrive in minutes finding no sign of him, although he is wearing a red and white Dr. Suess hat. 
12:43 PM - A bearded man in a red shirt comes into the YMCA, asks for help, announces they won't understand, and leaves.
2:11 PM - A bearded man in a red shirt comes into the Allen School to ask questions about a guidance counselor and the National Guard. He was gone when police arrive.
4:41PM - Police check on two unoccupied vehicles at Haven Hill Park on Route 11. One man is looking for a cat that was lost five miles away, but as he observes, cats can walk pretty far. Another gentleman is looking for turtles, and another has entered the wood to "take a leak." Michael S. Dickie, 51 of 109 Woodland Green is charged with drug possession.
5:42 PM - On Farmington Road and North Main Street a woman apparently consumed by road rage, reportedly passes someone on the dirt shoulder, nearly strikes a motorcyclist, nearly hits a pedestrian. Her vehicle description is passed on to police.
8:44 PM - A neighbor dispute on Lupine Lane smolders on.
11:34 PM A man with a broken jaw, newly releases from the hospital reports and assault.

Thursday Sept 18, 2008
11:29 AM - Police check out Haven Hill Park, but find no cats or turtles.
12:57 PM - The broken jaw man returns to the station to speak to an officer.
5:43 PM - Dogs have been yapping for over an hour over on Gagne Street.
5:53 PM - On Church St. there is a cat with a bag on its head running around, and described as "a sad sight." police respond to let the cat out of the bag.
10:20 PM - A Franklin Street dog irks neighbors with its barking.

To be continued...
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