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Pope Attacked By Lion!

Maybe he wanted the Pope's ring. :)

Bleak Midwinter

In the bleak midwinter... frosty wind made moan...

Earth stood hard as iron... water like a stone...
Snow had fallen, snow on snow... snow on snow...
In the bleak midwinter... long ago...
"In the Bleak Midwinter" is a Chistmas carol written by Christina Rosetti -1872.

Ocra Misses Meal

What do you do when you are surrounded by killer whales?

Some T Customers Are Stupid

Ok so here's the deal... I was waiting at North Station to take the 7:30 Newburyport train back home to Salem. Around 7:28 we heard and announcement saying that our train was delayed due to signal and equipment problems on the Newburyport line. No big deal. I can understand that could happen on the coldest day of the year. I think the temperature was around 15 at that time.

So around 7:33 we heard an announcement to begin boarding our train at track 2.  We waited and waited and finally an announcement came over the interior coach speakers saying that we are waiting for a crew to run our train. The crew was coming in on another train and it was delayed. No problem it's not an unusual situation on a very cold day for a train to be delayed or for the T to be short staffed. That same announcement was made again around 7:50. 
Around 7:55 a passenger noticed that the train opposite us on track 1 was now loading. She walked out of our train and asked another person what train was loa…

Dog Illusions

the three
Originally uploaded by illona Three dogs go for a walk. Are they trying to jump out of your monitor?

Will the Hare Win This Race?

Come rain...

or snow...

The Boston Marathon must go on.
The tortoise and hare bronze sculpture on Copley Square are a tribute to the Boston Marathon. The finish line is not far from this location. The marathon is run on Patriot's Day a Massachusetts holiday. This year Patriot's Day falls on April 20. Many people love to have their photo taken here sitting on these famous statues. 

Happy New Year from Oscar the Boxer

I few months back I blogged about a Boxer dog named Oscar. This dog has the best personality you will ever see in a an animal. He has his own YouTube channel and has fans around the world. His videos prompted memories of my own of a Boxer we had when I was a child. I loved Princess. Below you find links to Oscar and my own blog post.

Oscarboxer's channel
Memories of Boxers

Waterskiing Squirrel

Twiggy the squirrel gets a world tour? Why can't I get a deal like that?

Rat Loves Cat (cat loves rat not so much)

And the wolf will dwell with the lamb, And the leopard will lie down with the young goat, And the rat will cuddle with the cat. With apologies to Isaiah 11:6.

Popular Opinion Leader

Recently I had the very good fortune to be involved in a seminar on HIV-Aids awareness. The program is called Public Opinion Leader. (POL) The program is sponsered by the Gay & Bi Men's Health Program of Beverly, Massachusetts

POL's goal is to change the social norms of society not just individuals surrounding safe sex practices, a huge task indeed! The concept is that when popular people adopt cetain fashions, trends and behaviors the rest of the community will follow. This theoretically should hold true for safe sex practices as well.

We were taught about HIV/Aids transmission. Then we learned about safer sex practice, and how to promote it in a non-judgmental fashion. We developed ways to communicate our practices in a casual, natural, and more caring manner.

I was able to communicate to many different people about the POL seminar through informal chats with my family, fellow hobbyists, friends, and potential co-workers. I used "I" statements in how I am trying t…

My New Years Resolutions

1. Start smoking Cubans and drinking Absinthe (straight up).

2. Exercise less - no more of that cycling/jogging malarkey and absolutely NO Pilates!

3. Eat more chocolate - this 1 piece of 85% Dark per day is just not good enough! Live on the edge - eat a "3 Musketeers" bar.

4. Wear less clothing. All that cloth is cutting off my fresh air supply

5. Cut back on the "bedroom activity" - my body isn't up to it.

6. Have a pedicure while sunning on the beach

7. Drive the car for short errands. It's far too cold to cart the recycling bin down the driveway to the street.

8. Get a cat. No!--Make that a really big dog! (I love handling dog doo-doo.)

9. Spend more time with my fictional friends and less time with real-life friends (wait! I have friends?).

10.Blog more about how bloggers are neurotic.

Cat Fight!

Ok that got your attention. Seriously though this has to be the most talented, or the most disturbed cat in the world. Go to 2:16 to watch Nora get herself dizzy.

The Triumph of Time: Art for the Ages

As you enter the Boston Public Library - McKim Building, you are surrounded with some amazing art work. There are murals and sculptures all throughout the library. The Jonathan Singer Sargent murals are simply spectacular. They encompass an entire gallery. There are two amazing lion sculptures, which I have blogged about previously, which honor the Civil War sacrifice of Massachusetts natives on the battle field.

There is an obscure room which is part a series of rooms which connect the McKim building to the Johnson building. Many people walk through this room called the Elliot Room and never glance upward. What you will see are two very intricate and LARGE ceiling murals. It makes you wonder how you could miss them walking through many times. They are called, "The Triumph of Time." I snapped some photos of them and found this nice description of the panels you can find below. I thought this was a fitting blog post to welcome in the new year...

"The painting contains thir…