My New Years Resolutions

1. Start smoking Cubans and drinking Absinthe (straight up).

2. Exercise less - no more of that cycling/jogging malarkey and absolutely NO Pilates!

3. Eat more chocolate - this 1 piece of 85% Dark per day is just not good enough! Live on the edge - eat a "3 Musketeers" bar.

4. Wear less clothing. All that cloth is cutting off my fresh air supply

5. Cut back on the "bedroom activity" - my body isn't up to it.

6. Have a pedicure while sunning on the beach

7. Drive the car for short errands. It's far too cold to cart the recycling bin down the driveway to the street.

8. Get a cat. No!--Make that a really big dog! (I love handling dog doo-doo.)

9. Spend more time with my fictional friends and less time with real-life friends (wait! I have friends?).

10.Blog more about how bloggers are neurotic.
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