Some T Customers Are Stupid

Ok so here's the deal... I was waiting at North Station to take the 7:30 Newburyport train back home to Salem. Around 7:28 we heard and announcement saying that our train was delayed due to signal and equipment problems on the Newburyport line. No big deal. I can understand that could happen on the coldest day of the year. I think the temperature was around 15 at that time.

So around 7:33 we heard an announcement to begin boarding our train at track 2.  We waited and waited and finally an announcement came over the interior coach speakers saying that we are waiting for a crew to run our train. The crew was coming in on another train and it was delayed. No problem it's not an unusual situation on a very cold day for a train to be delayed or for the T to be short staffed. That same announcement was made again around 7:50. 

Around 7:55 a passenger noticed that the train opposite us on track 1 was now loading. She walked out of our train and asked another person what train was loading on track 1. Lo, and behold, this train on track 1 was the 8:00 Rockport train. So this nice passenger knocked on the window and told her party to join her on the Rockport train. Well this caused a mass exodus of our Newburyport train to move over to the Rockport train.

Our car was almost empty and that Rockport train was standing room only. Everyone thought that the Rockport train would be out of the station first. There was a group of people in the middle between the two trains apparently waiting to see which train would leave first. Well our conductor wasn't having any of this. This next announcement was this, "either get on the train or off the the train, we're out of here. Thus ensued scramble number 2. All the folks in the middle of the platform came back to our train.
This caused mass confusion by many passengers who were just following the crowd. I know for a fact that some Newburyport bound folks, got hustled unsuspectingly onto the Rockport bound train. The Newburyport/Rockport line splits after Beverly Depot. Imagine their surprise finding their train turning east to Rockport!

Well that's not the end of the story. Our train was first out of the gate exactly 30 minutes late. The T has an unofficial policy of not collecting fares if a train is over 20 minutes delayed. So our train got a free ride home. I'm pretty sure the Rockport train, probably 10 minutes delayed had their fares collected.

So if you all that jumped ship from the Newburyport train to the Rockport train, you paid for your ride and were 40 minutes delayed. LMAO

Oh yeh, if you ended up in Rockport and were not suppose to... I hope you're warm. lol
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