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Merry Christmas from Nora the Cat

Santa School

Cutest Kitties

OK the second kitty is adorable. The first kitty is quite smart too:)

Bear Has Table Manners

Yogi the bear is caught on camera
waiting for his next meal. Mohawk Trail State Forest,
Florida, Massachusetts

"Hey Boo-boo where is the pic-a-nic basket?" Related articles by ZemantaIs Yogi Bear Really Offensive?! ( putting Yogi Bear game in our pic-a-nic baskets ( Aykroyd Introduces the First Yogi Bear Trailer! ('Yogi Bear' poster: How cute (...and creepy)! (

Elephant Child's Play

"Looks like they have me over a barrel."

Towel Puppy

"It feels so good after a hot bath, I couldn't help it."

Sleepy Puppies

"Hey if we all fall asleep, who is gonna watch for the bus?"

Monkeying Around

"Could you scratch right here please. It's so hard to reach there."

Tired Puppy

Must have been a boring phone call!

Optical Illusion

"They always think we are enemies. We just want world peace that's all"

Happy Hippo

Hope you are using SPF 30!


Click the link above. It sends you to a nice blog, as the author says, about photos, thoughts and gloating. I particularly like "Wesley's Suprise." Check out this blog.

T-Rex Lives!

This is the "old" T-Rex which once resided inside the Boston Museum of Science. Sadly he has been replaced by a scientificly updated version stalking museum patrons in his place. Poor T-Rex now has to spend his days outside the museum, in all types of weather, stalking tourists boarding Boston's famous "Duck boats."

"I'm hungry which tourist shall I eat?"