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A Gift from Crazy as a Cool Fox and Cool as a Crazy Moose (Our 200th Post!)

Sepia Saturday - Me vs.Criteria

Recently I have been scanning all of our families photos. There are thousands of photos both print and slide format, mostly shot by my mother. My mother was a very organized person and kept slides in proper slide boxes, almost all labeled. Our family's slide era lasted approximately 12 years from 1958 to 1970. Both before and after the "slide era" there were thousands of prints. Again these prints were organized meticulously into albums, all labelled. It's been a huge chore going through them all, but I am enjoying it as there are a lot of sweet memories.

When I came across this photo, it startled me. Why? This photo is of me! My first thought was, "is this a sepia?" The next thought immediately was, "am I that old to have a sepia of myself?"

Now I must ask you all,  "sepia experts," what is the criteria used to qualify a photo as being in sepia? What do you look for? I have no clue, the only thing I look for is that certain shade of bro…

Storm Damages Area!!!

Willow Tree Crushes Park Bench
Spares Trash Barrel
A storm slashed throughtout the New England area producing  violent winds enough to damage homes, down trees, interupting power, and crushed seating for senior citizens.

It was a rough night last night. The power left us at 9:00PM. As of this writing power still has not been restored. National Grid (power company here) has informed us it could be several days before all power is restored. Salem DPW has informed us that a lucky 1500 customers may have their power restored by late tonight. I hope I'm in that lucky bunch! I'm posting this from a local downtown Starbucks at the moment.

I was out this morning touring the area. I went to an area called Salem Willows. The Willows is a peninsula jutting out into Salem Sound. Northest winds pounded that area. A picnic table pavilion was crushed. (It really wasn't a good night for a barbque lol) Several trees were up rooted and as you can see in the photo it nearly CRUSHED an innocent…

Staten Island Chuck

Mr Groundhog, I see you have some competition. At least this guy knows how to forecast weather. This year he predicted that winter is OVER. Did you hear that gopher? IT'S OVER! Get it through your thick skull!

Charles G. Hogg, he prefers "Chuck", comes from a hamlet a bit bigger than your poedunk town of Punxetawny, PA. You ever heard of NEW YORK CITY? Haha I didn't think so. You need to get out of that hole once in a while and see the world. But then again, maybe you shouldn't go to NYC after all, they will KICK your fat rodent ASS out of town before you can say woodchuck.

Yah, read all about it here Mr. Woodchuck.

If you had a TV you could have watched this: Staten Island Chuck, It's a report from a FoxNews affiliate in New York City. Finally Fox has found something newsworthy to report rather than that usual trash they spew everywhere.

Oh, do you know the answer to the riddle in the last post? Could you wrap around squirrely little brains around that questi…

Groundhog... We Are Still Watching YOU!

You thought we forgot about you didn't you? Think again Mr. Groundhog. We still want your office and we will take it when you least expect it.

Oh yah with all the things happening such as Valentine's Day, Olympics, Sepia Saturday etc, we have been busy but we haven't forgotten your rotten winter forecast. Winter should be OVER NOW. You just had to have 6 more weeks of sleep didn't you. Believe me, that sleep won't make your ugly face any prettier

We are FED UP with your laziness. I still say foxes are much smarter and can forecast the weather more accurately then a fat old gopher. I have friends in high places. High such as on top of Mount Washington, NH. You never heard of it? haha Well you shouldn't go up their Mr. Woodchuck or your fat ass will be blown off the mountain in a second. My friends up in that high place hang out with the weather observatory staff. Believe me, if anyone knows weather, they do.

How can you as a groundhog possibly  know anything abou…

Vancouver 2010 - The Virtual Stadium

Become part of the Olympics! Upload your pic to be part of a virtual stadium at the closing ceremony of the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, BC

Click here for the Virtual Stadium

Ice Bound in Salem

For a more comprehensive guide to the sculptures and Salem events click here.

Confusion Illusion

Look! There's a dolphin in the window. The big question: WHY? He or she seems to be rather curious as to what is going on the other side of the glass. Do you suppose he is looking for the restroom or gift shop too? Which way should he go?
The other question, not so big: Why is their an observation window on the way to the restroom?. Maybe the dolphin is in charge of the gift shop? Who knows he could be selling little statues of Flipper.


Sepia Saturday - Moose School

This is a new feature from my fellow blogger Kat Mortensen. We will post some old photos, preferable in sepia but not necessary. You can link to other Sepia Saturday members by clicking the link here or on the title above. Sepia Saturday also has a Facebook group page: click here. This should be fun!

I was surfing the internet for some moose photos for my Cool As A Crazy Moose blog and I ran across this photo of the "Moose School." It looks like a one room school house. I love the outfits the girls have. Their faces are all so serious. You won't see that in a school group photo now.

Does anyone have an idea where this "Moose School" was? Could this be in Maine? It would be interesting to see if the building is still standing.

Please link up with my friend Kat from Poetikat's Invisible Keepsakes. She is quite the writer!

We Foxes Live Such an Exciting Life

Hope you enjoy this video compilation we made

Thanks to the MWObs for spectacular photos.
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Parade of Olympic Mascots

Since 1968 Olympic host cities have had some type of mascot to go along with all the festivities. I thought I would gather them all together in one parade in celebration of the Winter Games at Vancouver. Of course the best are the mythological mascots of this years Olympics. Enjoy! :)

It would be nice to see some host city bring them all back for a reunion to parade in to the opening or closing ceremonies. hint hint Vancouver:)

Cats Are Watching Your Every Move!!!

I was waking down the street and noticed this cat. Can you find it?

What about now? What do you suppose he is doing up there?

Moose Love


Happy Valentines Day to Everyone!

Let Me Be Your Hero is a beautiful by Enrique Iglesais. The words and the tone are well done. It can make the hair on the back of your neck stand up. However, if you make a literal translation from Spanish to English (most of which would not match the melody) it's just a stunning piece. Listen carefully and enjoy this day of love.

Quiero ser tu heroe
(Let me be your hero)

Si una vez yo pudiera llegar
A erizar de frio tu piel
A quemar que se yo, tu boca
Y morirme alli despues
Y si entonces
Temblaras por mi
Lloraras al verme sufrir
Ay sin dudar tu vida entera dar
Como yo la doy por ti.

(If once I could get to bristle with cold skin A burn that is me, your mouth And if I die there after my Lloraras then trembled to see me suffer Oh no doubt give your whole life as I lay it for you.)

Si pudiera ser tu heroe
Si pudiera ser tu dios
Que salvarte a ti mil veces
Puede ser mi salvacion.

(If I could be your hero If I could be your god save you a thousand times You can be my salvation)

Si sup…

The Littlest Coach


I was in tears laughing so hard at this little guys performance imitating the famous Herb Brooks, coach of the Olympic gold medal hockey team that defeated the Soviet Union team. He is so talented.

This is the original speech from the movie "Miracle."

Of course he is now a celebrity after making an appearance on the Ellen Show.

Olympic Mascots Unmasked!

A little break from groundhog bashing...

You might have to press the "pause" button on the slide show to read some of these captions. I don't know how to slow it down. The captions are funny, cute:) Thanks for watching and happy Winter Olympic Games, Vancouver!!!

Do You Hear Something Mr. Groundhog?

Pay no attention to the man walking around outside your den Mr. Groundhog. Oh! I forgot you're sound asleep anyways. You won't be waking up till the middle of March. Some of us have to freeze our butts off for a living.

That man you might hear, well his name is Bill Murray, he likes to make movies and make clay figures. Don't be nervous, those are just models of you. He is paying homage to the great and glorious Groundhog. Pay no attention to those wires he is sticking up that model's butt. Just ignore that box marked C-4. It's just a type of modelling clay. When you wake up (if you wake up) you might notice he has done some renovation to your property. Don't worry about that. We will fix it up very nicely FOR THE NEXT ADMINISTRATION, you fat fury ball of gray hair. You might want to employ some security guards. Make sure they don't mind working outside while you sleep your ass off all winter.

BTW Mr Goundhog, alias Gopher, alias Woodchuck, why do you have …

Going Out on a Limb

OK since the groundhog can't get it right, I will do it for him. Winter is officially OVER in my book. Bring on the sun.

Can't you see how confident I am of my prediction? I'm sleeping in a tree for God sakes. No one sleeps in a tree unless they have some confidence.

You Mr. Groundhog, (gopher, woodchuck) or what ever your name is, make your fancy schmany prediction with all your news crews waiting on pins and needles. THEN you tell us we have SIX MORE weeks of winter! You crawl back in your comfy little hole and go to sleep for six weeks while the rest of us freeze our ASSES off. WTF? At least give us some HOPE you giant rat.

Like I said Mr. Gopher, (what a name lol) watch your back, we are coming for you! Have you heard of coups d'├ętat? Oh thats right you don't speak French. Look it up! You can click the link HEREif you can get your pudgy little paws on a mouse.

We're On To You Groundhog

I know your secret, Groundhog. You've had a free ride for way too long. Get your fat ass on the highway and beat it. 
Newsbreak: Groundhogs do not know how to predict the weather. It was inevitable that people would start to catch on, since you have to switch it up every now and then to keep people guessing, but every year the spring continues to arrive at the same time. You've only been able to last this long because of the teeth, Groundhog, those damn teeth, taunting me with their prominence. But those teeth cannot save you for long, because if you don't put them away, I am definitely going to see my shadow. And then it's going to be a long, cold winter for you, Groundhog. And it's going to last you the rest of your life.

Groundhogs Are Really Media Hogs

Can you imagine an over sized rodent gets his own special holiday. Where else can this happen but in America. It's sickening!

So what makes him so special you might ask? How did he aquire all this publicity? Why did he choose February 2nd to come out of his den? Thats the most asinine time of the year for anyone who hibernates to come out into the cold. Anyone that does this has got to be stupid. Damned if I know how he got this popular.

Have you seen the media circus that follows this fat ass? There are more cameras there than that covered Michael Jackson's funeral. He must have one hell of an image consultant. I sure could use his services.

Oh! I am proposing a Fox Day. This will be in the summer August 2nd,  under warm and sunny conditions. My thing will be to predict will for six more weeks of warm and sunny weather, or summer is over. Guess which one I like? haha More on Fox Day coming up in another post.

One other thing. I am writing a movie script called "Fox Day.&q…