Going Out on a Limb

OK since the groundhog can't get it right, I will do it for him. Winter is officially OVER in my book. Bring on the sun.

Can't you see how confident I am of my prediction? I'm sleeping in a tree for God sakes. No one sleeps in a tree unless they have some confidence.

You Mr. Groundhog, (gopher, woodchuck) or what ever your name is, make your fancy schmany prediction with all your news crews waiting on pins and needles. THEN you tell us we have SIX MORE weeks of winter! You crawl back in your comfy little hole and go to sleep for six weeks while the rest of us freeze our ASSES off. WTF? At least give us some HOPE you giant rat.

Like I said Mr. Gopher, (what a name lol) watch your back, we are coming for you! Have you heard of coups d'état? Oh thats right you don't speak French. Look it up! You can click the link HERE if you can get your pudgy little paws on a mouse.
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