Groundhog... We Are Still Watching YOU!

You thought we forgot about you didn't you? Think again Mr. Groundhog. We still want your office and we will take it when you least expect it.

Oh yah with all the things happening such as Valentine's Day, Olympics, Sepia Saturday etc, we have been busy but we haven't forgotten your rotten winter forecast. Winter should be OVER NOW. You just had to have 6 more weeks of sleep didn't you. Believe me, that sleep won't make your ugly face any prettier

We are FED UP with your laziness. I still say foxes are much smarter and can forecast the weather more accurately then a fat old gopher. I have friends in high places. High such as on top of Mount Washington, NH. You never heard of it? haha Well you shouldn't go up their Mr. Woodchuck or your fat ass will be blown off the mountain in a second. My friends up in that high place hang out with the weather observatory staff. Believe me, if anyone knows weather, they do.

How can you as a groundhog possibly  know anything about weather? Just your name tells us you don't give a damn about the weather up here where we all live. All you have to do is go back down into the GROUND like a HOG, in your comfy little woodchuck den and go to sleep. The rest of use look like wet rats during a rain storm. Oh damn, I hate being compared to a rat. Speaking of rats, that's all you are is one big over grown fat ass rat.

Remember we are coming for you and WILL take all your power away!

PS. How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood? I bet you can't even answer that age old question. I'll give you the answer in my next post. After all I am a cool fox!
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