Groundhogs Are Really Media Hogs

Can you imagine an over sized rodent gets his own special holiday. Where else can this happen but in America. It's sickening!

So what makes him so special you might ask? How did he aquire all this publicity? Why did he choose February 2nd to come out of his den? Thats the most asinine time of the year for anyone who hibernates to come out into the cold. Anyone that does this has got to be stupid. Damned if I know how he got this popular.

Have you seen the media circus that follows this fat ass? There are more cameras there than that covered Michael Jackson's funeral. He must have one hell of an image consultant. I sure could use his services.

Oh! I am proposing a Fox Day. This will be in the summer August 2nd,  under warm and sunny conditions. My thing will be to predict will for six more weeks of warm and sunny weather, or summer is over. Guess which one I like? haha More on Fox Day coming up in another post.

One other thing. I am writing a movie script called "Fox Day." I will get Bill Murray to play the lead character.
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