Sepia Saturday - Me vs.Criteria

Recently I have been scanning all of our families photos. There are thousands of photos both print and slide format, mostly shot by my mother. My mother was a very organized person and kept slides in proper slide boxes, almost all labeled. Our family's slide era lasted approximately 12 years from 1958 to 1970. Both before and after the "slide era" there were thousands of prints. Again these prints were organized meticulously into albums, all labelled. It's been a huge chore going through them all, but I am enjoying it as there are a lot of sweet memories.

When I came across this photo, it startled me. Why? This photo is of me! My first thought was, "is this a sepia?" The next thought immediately was, "am I that old to have a sepia of myself?"

Now I must ask you all,  "sepia experts," what is the criteria used to qualify a photo as being in sepia? What do you look for? I have no clue, the only thing I look for is that certain shade of brown.

Posted by PicasaSo I leave it up to you, the "sepia experts," my fate is in your hands. Am I sitting here in a sepia photo? Do I have a few more years to go? Am I relegated to become part of a history book?

You know what my answer would be... Give it to be straight. I can take it. :)

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