Staten Island Chuck

Mr Groundhog, I see you have some competition. At least this guy knows how to forecast weather. This year he predicted that winter is OVER. Did you hear that gopher? IT'S OVER! Get it through your thick skull!

Charles G. Hogg, he prefers "Chuck", comes from a hamlet a bit bigger than your poedunk town of Punxetawny, PA. You ever heard of NEW YORK CITY? Haha I didn't think so. You need to get out of that hole once in a while and see the world. But then again, maybe you shouldn't go to NYC after all, they will KICK your fat rodent ASS out of town before you can say woodchuck.

Yah, read all about it here Mr. Woodchuck.

If you had a TV you could have watched this: Staten Island Chuck, It's a report from a FoxNews affiliate in New York City. Finally Fox has found something newsworthy to report rather than that usual trash they spew everywhere.

Oh, do you know the answer to the riddle in the last post? Could you wrap around squirrely little brains around that question? I have the answer: Woodchucks couldn't chuck any wood (because they are to damn lazy), if a woodchuck could chuck wood.

Staten Island Chuck has some fashion sense too. I see here that he is partial to Oakley sunglasses

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