Storm Damages Area!!!

Willow Tree Crushes Park Bench
Spares Trash Barrel
A storm slashed throughtout the New England area producing  violent winds enough to damage homes, down trees, interupting power, and crushed seating for senior citizens.

It was a rough night last night. The power left us at 9:00PM. As of this writing power still has not been restored. National Grid (power company here) has informed us it could be several days before all power is restored. Salem DPW has informed us that a lucky 1500 customers may have their power restored by late tonight. I hope I'm in that lucky bunch! I'm posting this from a local downtown Starbucks at the moment.

I was out this morning touring the area. I went to an area called Salem Willows. The Willows is a peninsula jutting out into Salem Sound. Northest winds pounded that area. A picnic table pavilion was crushed. (It really wasn't a good night for a barbque lol) Several trees were up rooted and as you can see in the photo it nearly CRUSHED an innocent trash barrel. The park bench wasn't so lucky. It was airlifted to the local park bench repair center. It's in critical but stable condition. :) Click here for a sample of what it was like here Thursday night. lol

The wharf at the point of The Willows did sustain severe damage. Many boards were lifted and snapped off The wharf is a witness to the power of the ocean. It was just repaired last year after a previous northeaster. It's sad this will be closed as it is a popular spot for fishing.
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