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CrazyasaCoolFox 1ups Poetikat in the Donkey Department!

For Sepia Saturday I don't have a sepia photo for you:( But i do have something crazy and according to the manifesto, sepia photos are not a requirement
Poetikat's Invisible Keepsakes and Crazy as a Cool Fox have been featuring donkeys as of late. Maybe it's a theme or a trend we have started. I think it all started accidentally and I'm not sure who started it. Here's the latest from my "donkey diaries."

He got his mom's ears and dad's legs!

Cattitude Problem

If I were you I would get that camera out of my face in about 2 seconds

Theme Thursday - Bird Feeders

This week's Theme Thursday theme is "signs."

Many of these signs are found along the Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway. The Greenway was the last phase in what was known as the "Big Dig" in Boston, a project to depress the downtown elevated highway system. Perhaps this is a touch of humor here in what was a 10 year "Big Headache."

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You Can't Eat Them All and Happy Springtime!

Someone Was Rescued Today

I was so touched by this video I just wanted to share it with everyone.

When Edie gives in he practically jumps into the mans lap. So sweet...

Theme Thursday - Charles Darwin's Theory of Breakfast Evolution

Have you seen Charles? No, I heard he is in his office working on a new theory.

Meanwhile... back at the ranch, "I like the brown one it handles nice, but could I take the white one out for a test drive too?"

Hey lady what you got in that bucket?

Oops, we should have let that woman with the bucket keep walking.

It's pretty hot in here Charles!

Alright Charles this is no yolk. (pun intended)


Yah Mr Groundhog wake the heck up! Its been six full weeks since you gave us that wacked out prediction. You should be up and at 'em by now. You got your beauty sleep. Now roll your sleepy fat body out of bed and join the rest of the world. I hope your extra sleep was beneficial. You should be looking like a beauty queen. Now that would take a miracle.

Oh Mr Groundhog here's an FYI for you. Winter was over 6 weeks ago here. All we have had is rain. NO SNOW! We have had so much rain we are up to our butts in it. (really) We still haven't forgotten your weak prediction and we haven't forgiven you. You said six more weeks of winter. Staten Island Chuck said winter was over. Which rodent was right? I'll have to give it to the NYC guy. If anyone starts a trend its the folks from NYC not some gray ball of fat from some a poedunk town in Pennsylvania.

I mean what else is there besides you? Without you that place would be a ghost town. I'm certain you have connections w…

Theme Thursday - Look UP :)

I'm a new entry here at Theme Thursday. It looks like my blog banner will cover the last two themes of green and hat. Thanks to Kat for the heads up on this blog. This looks like fun. I'll be posting regularly.

Sepia Saturday - Donkey Piggy Back

Well last Sepia - Saturday's photo was on the serious side and not to be out done by Kat, I have a donkey entry. I thought I would hit you all with a crazy one this time.
I found this in a bunch of emails my brother-in-law forwards over to me. It was part of a power point slide presentation. I have no clue what that presentation was for but it has some very erie music played on a tin whistle, and begins with a photo of the Russian Army, the last Zsar of Russia, his wife, and son. There must be 50 old photos in the presentation so you all are in for some more from that collection. The photos are from around the early 1900's to the 1940's.
This photo looks like it is a soldier walking through a field. It seems there are two other soldiers in the background, one with a gun. But why is this soldier carrying this donkey? Shouldn't it be the other way around? At the very least that donkey should be carrying some of those soldiers supplies.
Well, one thing is for sure, donke…

Josh the Climbing Camel - Repost!

Now this is completely silly. Just whose idea was it to send a camel to climb Mount Washington? This mountain has the worst weather in the world. The highest wind speed ever recorded was measured here. (no longer true)

Do camels really belong hiking mountains? They should be loping through the desert in search of an oasis. Josh does get a reward. He had his own personal bumper sticker made for him. If Josh drove his car up Mount Washington he would have a bumper sticker that says, "This car climbed Mount Washington," but since he climbs the auto road himself has has a bumper sticker the says, "This Camel climbed Mount Washington."

Good work Josh!

Meteorology - Predictions as Good as Heads or Tails!

Recently I have decided how pathetic the weather forecasting industry is. Meteorology, "a science that deals with the atmosphere and its phenomena and especially with weather and weather forecasting," has taken on a whole new role. Not only are meteorologist predicting the weather, and a very poor job at it I must say, but they are now predicting tsunami waves.
When did ocean waves become part of the atmosphere? Did I miss that meeting? Are water and air now the same? Nevertheless I witnessed several television "meteorologists" predicting when tsunami waves were going to hit Hawaii after the terrible earthquake in Chili. Well waves did hit Hawaii, but bigger waves than those hit Hawaii EVERY day. They had hyped up this phenomena to the point that they had spectators on the hills surrounding Hilo Bay. Even one surfer was waiting in ernest for the "ride of his life." (he didn't get it) Please "meteorologists," stick to the atmosphere. You might…

Donkey Jazz!

Now that's one talented donkey

Sepia Saturday - My Daddy... My Aunties

When I was scanning our family photos I came across this sepia. It shows my Auntie Sis (Charlette), my Auntie Bunt (Barbara) and my dad (Robert). How big is that bow on my aunties head? Sailor uniforms were pretty much in style then I think. I have seen another photo of dad which I can not find. It shows him with that uniform and his dogie. The photo here is printed on a thick card stock. Through the years it must have been removed and repasted into several other photo albums as one can see how it has been cut into this irregular shape.

My father was born in 1917. They lived in the tiny farming village of Rowley Massachusetts just across from the Central School. A few cousins are still in that area. I believe this photo is circa 1922-23. My dad would have been 5 here. He lost his mother when he was 12. I was just thinking that in this photo he has the comfort and security of his mother. One never knows when or if that security will be taken away. Perhaps she is just behind the camera …

Run Zach Run!


NYC Deals With Two Feet of Snow!

Enough said

Thanks to my brother-in-law Larry for the "heads up" (or feet)on this photo.