Meteorology - Predictions as Good as Heads or Tails!

Recently I have decided how pathetic the weather forecasting industry is. Meteorology, "a science that deals with the atmosphere and its phenomena and especially with weather and weather forecasting," has taken on a whole new role. Not only are meteorologist predicting the weather, and a very poor job at it I must say, but they are now predicting tsunami waves.
When did ocean waves become part of the atmosphere? Did I miss that meeting? Are water and air now the same? Nevertheless I witnessed several television "meteorologists" predicting when tsunami waves were going to hit Hawaii after the terrible earthquake in Chili. Well waves did hit Hawaii, but bigger waves than those hit Hawaii EVERY day. They had hyped up this phenomena to the point that they had spectators on the hills surrounding Hilo Bay. Even one surfer was waiting in ernest for the "ride of his life." (he didn't get it) Please "meteorologists," stick to the atmosphere. You might not do that well, but at least that's the area you studied... I think.

Did you happen to notice the big catch phrase they were trying to get all the tsunami experts to say? "We (Hawaii) dodged a bullet." That "bullet" was more like a slow pitched softball. You could have picked up the the island and moved it away from those waves.

John Harrigan, editor, reporter, farmer, woodsman, et-al from the North Country Notebook of New Hampshire has given up on watching weather forecasts on television. He says that televsion weather reports are all about the hysteria. I tend to agree. He prefers the natural method of forecasting. ie. cloud formations, wind direction. That works here too.

A few weeks ago it was forecasted that we were to have a "terrible" winter storm. Forecasters estimated at least 10-12 inches in this area. This storm was one of the storms that "crippled" the Washington DC area. ("Crippled" is another topic to flame.) Our city called a snow emergency nearly 24 hours BEFORE that storm was to start. I woke up the next morning expecting to see snow up to the window sills. Guess what? NOTHING... The local TV reporters where trying to save face by saying, "it's (the storm) still coming," or "its not over yet!" Guess what, NOTHING. Schools were cancelled, streets were cleared of cars, "non essential" state personel, (another topic to flame) were told to stay home for fear they would be all stranded in their cars ala bizzard of '78 style.

I believe the Boston forecasters were a bit jeolous of their Washington DC counterparts. They wanted a huge storm in which to revel. Is it possible that their paychecks are linked to how riled up they can get the public over the forecast?? Maybe they are working on a commission. When the weather ratings go up so does the pay check. The more hype, the more viewers, the more money they are payed. Well if that is the case, forecasters must not get paid at all during the summer around here, unless you can hype up the public about 90 degree days. In Texas 90 degrees is winter.

Television weather reporting has become a show in itself. It was at one time a footnote in the middle or at the end of the newscast. Now you see the "meteorologist" 3 or 4 times in that 30 minute time slot. How much weather can one local area have? They do nothing but get the public anxious about the next few days.

Have you seen the news when a storm approaches? Some assignment editor sends out some lowly reporter to the local hardware store to watch people buying shovels. Always you will hear a store clerk say, "we are sold out of shovels, snowblowers, and generators." This happens as a prelude to each and every storm. Television news is very predictable.

Why do we need to know that all the shovels are sold out for EVERY storm? One would think that we the public would have figured this out by now. When a storm approaches, there will be NO shovels to be had, therefore purchase your snow shovels in July.

With all those shovels going out the door at EVERY storm it makes me wonder. Where do all those shovels go? One would think that by now every man, woman, and child on the planet would own a shovel. I myself own three snow shovels. That's two more that I can handle at any given time. I laugh at all those people going to Home Depot at the last minute only to find out that the last snow shovel was sold 2 minutes ago. I sit at home comfy knowing I have three shovels ready to clear those HUGE drifts the "meteorologists" are predicting.

Meteorologists are becoming the next "fortune tellers" at the local carnival. Perhaps they should all wear a turban sit cross legged, and go into a trance. Now thats a weather segment! And remember "meteorologists," leave the tsunami prediction to an "oceanographer." That's easy to remember. Meteor=sky, ocean=water. lol

PS: If someone out there is hording snow shovels to sell at a higher price, can you let me in on some of that action? I have a freezer full of ice cream to sell next summer. :)

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