Sepia Saturday - Muskrat Love

Originally posted March 20, 2009

My grandmother would kill me if she knew I was posting this for all the world to see. Those were the days when it was PC to wear a fur. The fur in question is muskrat. I think its a beautiful coat actually.

Grammie had a beautiful cedar chest in her bedroom. We rarely saw the contents of the chest. Only when she went in to pull out a beautiful linen table cloth for special meals did we see some of the contents of this chest. The scent of cedar filled the air when she opened it but never wear we allowed to inspect the contents. It was quickly closed.

Then when I was around 10 I found out there was a muskrat coat hidden away in this chest. A muskrat coat? I was intrigued!  I never heard of wearing muskrat. Muskrats were nothing but vermin to me. They were big, ugly, nasty creatures that lived in the drainage ditches near where I lived. I begged grammie to let me see this muskrat coat. But never would she let me see it. She would always tell me that it was "all packed away." That was her standard answer.

I was well into my adult years my and mother or grandmother would hang a bag of goodies on my apartment door. They always called them "care packages." It was always a treat to see these "care packages" hanging on the door knob when I got home from work This meant good homemade food was inside!

In one of these packages was this photo and written in my mothers hand this message on the back. The date is when the photo was taken. Carol Anne is my sister. I'm not sure where it was taken, but since my grandparents were from New Brunswick and Maine, it could have been taken in that area.

Posted by PicasaI finally did get to see that amazing muskrat coat!


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