Sepia Saturday - My Daddy... My Aunties

When I was scanning our family photos I came across this sepia. It shows my Auntie Sis (Charlette), my Auntie Bunt (Barbara) and my dad (Robert). How big is that bow on my aunties head? Sailor uniforms were pretty much in style then I think. I have seen another photo of dad which I can not find. It shows him with that uniform and his dogie. The photo here is printed on a thick card stock. Through the years it must have been removed and repasted into several other photo albums as one can see how it has been cut into this irregular shape.

My father was born in 1917. They lived in the tiny farming village of Rowley Massachusetts just across from the Central School. A few cousins are still in that area. I believe this photo is circa 1922-23. My dad would have been 5 here. He lost his mother when he was 12. I was just thinking that in this photo he has the comfort and security of his mother. One never knows when or if that security will be taken away. Perhaps she is just behind the camera prompting her children for the photographer. He never spoke of his mother much but I can remember going to the cemetery with him to decorate the family graves. He always had a special flower to place beside his mom's simple gave marker.

We never knew how my Aunty Bunt got her name. Perhaps it was a school yard nickname she acquired. She was my favorite auntie. She always had the best sense of humor and all us cousins adored her. She kept us all laughing. I would pick daises every spring to bring to her. One year I missed doing this and I heard about it! I never forgot after that. This tradition went on well into my adult years. To this day when I pass a field of wild daises I think of her.

My Aunty Sis was more of the no nonsense aunt. I think she had to be this way as she had five children to keep in line! We had our fun times with her too, summer days on Crane's beach or Plum Island.

This photo is a treasure.

Sepia Saturday

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