Yah Mr Groundhog wake the heck up! Its been six full weeks since you gave us that wacked out prediction. You should be up and at 'em by now. You got your beauty sleep. Now roll your sleepy fat body out of bed and join the rest of the world. I hope your extra sleep was beneficial. You should be looking like a beauty queen. Now that would take a miracle.

Oh Mr Groundhog here's an FYI for you. Winter was over 6 weeks ago here. All we have had is rain. NO SNOW! We have had so much rain we are up to our butts in it. (really) We still haven't forgotten your weak prediction and we haven't forgiven you. You said six more weeks of winter. Staten Island Chuck said winter was over. Which rodent was right? I'll have to give it to the NYC guy. If anyone starts a trend its the folks from NYC not some gray ball of fat from some a poedunk town in Pennsylvania.

I mean what else is there besides you? Without you that place would be a ghost town. I'm certain you have connections with the mafia to keep this cozy little gig you have. All you have to do is wake up once a year and say some strange words in some dudes ear. That dude thinks he speaks groundhogese. Does anyone in Punxsutawney live in reality? Boy, do you have the wool pulled over their eyes!

Let me warn you Mr. Groundhog, I'm stopping by your little burrow tomorrow. If you aren't outside raking your yard, I'm gonna go in there and pull you outside you lazy bag of bones. We have been slaving away here for six weeks waiting for your "official" start to spring. Well there is no going back on your  word now. Spring is here now and you promised it yourself six weeks ago.

BTW Mr. Groundhog. I found this photo of you eating ice cream. Can you say BUSTED?? Is this all you do all summer? No wonder you have a weight problem. You should have been going to see Jenny Craig for the last six weeks.

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