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Theme Thursday - Bicycle Camouflage

A garden scene somewhere on the streets of Salem, Massachusetts. Have a closer look. It seems someone has left their bicycle outside too long. :)
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Boy Lost in Time

Source: Salem Gazette - 1810
RAN away from his parents on Saturday evening, March 24th, THOMAS KING, a boy about 12 years old, light complexion, and light hair, and as a scar under his chin; had on, when he went away, a blue coatee with bright yellow buttons on it; snuff colored trousers, patched; two waist coats, one black cassimere, lined with red baize, the other was striped velvet; an old pair of boots; a hat with the top part sewed in, and a blue and white neck handkerchief. Any person finding him and returning him to the subscriber, of Salem, of Creek Court, shall receive the above reward. I hereby forbid all masters of vessels, or any other person, from harboring him on penalty of law.

Sepia Saturday - A Cowgirl's First Post Card

The Home for Aged Men - Newburyport, Massachusetts
This building still stands and provides the same services.
Postmark: July 31, 1912 Boston, MA (Station A)
Thanks to Christine H at the Daily Post Card Blog for giving me the  idea of using old post cards in Sepia Saturday. I have a ton of these.

The "cowgirl" is Grace. The card is addressed to Eliza Whitaker of Haverhill, Mass. But how are they related? A neighbor? A school teacher? A store owner? A relative? Perhaps this is the first time the cowgirl has written a post card. Maybe it's her first time ever corresponding via mail. Her hand writing has the flare of an elementary school student. It looks as though much effort was made to keep her penmanship neat. 
Grace's text: "Dear Mrs. Whitaker, This is the first time I have written to you this summer since I left  have you missed me very much  I have coming with to see you sometime before the summer over to see you  from the cowgirl Grace"
The return address, un…

Friday Foto - Destination North Station

A unique angle of the many North Station signs found at the North (subway) Station. This station services on a double platform both the green and orange lines. North Station commuter rail (purple line) is upstairs. Related articlesMan survives fall into train pit at North Station ( operator to receive commendation in North Station incident (

Nora the Piano Playing Cat Has Some Competition

Ho Hum, Another Day Another DRAFT

Would someone please close the tent flap? There is a bit of a DRAFT in here.

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Dog is a Dog: Unless She is a Talking Dog

I love siberian huskys. I once had a siberian, his name was Chipper. He would howl so much every time I came home from college. It sounded like he was saying "I missed you!" It was like I was his long lost friend. This girl reminds me so much of him.

Cattle Farmer Wins Boston Marathon

Exerpted from April 19, 2010 - Patriots Day

Robert Kiprono Cheruiyot won the 114th Boston race Monday, finishing in 2:05:52 to shatter by 82 seconds the course record set by four-time winner Robert Kipkoech Cheruiyot, who's not related. American Ryan Hall, who finished third last year, missed another spot on the podium by 2 seconds, but his time of 2:08:41 was the fastest ever for U.S. runner in Boston.

Cheruiyot, 21, surpassed the course record of 2:07:14 set in 2006 by his 31-year-old countryman. A farmer back home, he earned a bonus of $25,000 on top of the $150,000 -- and a golden olive wreath from the city of Marathon, Greece -- that goes the men's and women's champions.

"I am going to buy some cows," Cheruiyot said.

Crazy as a Cool Fox Commentary:
How humbling is that statement? All this man wants is some more cows for his farm. All material goods that most westerners want weren't even in his thoughts. He doesn't want a new car, new computer,…

Just How High Can A Tortise Jump?

News Publication: Rutand (Vermont) Herald
4/16/2010 11:15 AM

East Albany man believes 116 pound tortoise stolen

ALBANY - A man from Vermont's Northeast Kingdom says his 116-pound, 20-year-old African tortoise is gone from the enclosure where it passed the winter and he thinks it was stolen.

Peter Lowry says doesn't believe the tortoise could have escaped on its own from his East Albany home because it would have had to climb over a sheet metal barrier and through a plate glass door to get out.

Lowry tells the Barre-Montpelier Times Argus he has had the tortoise since 1991.

In the summer it lives in an outdoor enclosure. In the winter it shares a building with a menagerie of exotic birds.

Lowry is an exotic animal breeder. He also has macaws, cockatoos, other tortoises and some snakes.

Police say they're investigating.

CrazyasaCoolFox  Commentary:

How can you be certain it was stolen? Remember the story of the tortise and the hare? They said it was impossible for the tortise to …

Theme Thursday - Lunch

This Thursday's theme is "lunch" so here we go:

lunch as in: box (both ways)
lunch as in: fox (just kidding)
lunch as in: time
lunch as in: eon
lunch as in: eon meat
lunch as in: hot .....
lunch as in: eonette
lunch as in: car
lunch as in: bucket
lunch as in: lady
lunch as in: ed
lunch as in: pre .....
lunch as in: es
lunch as in: to .....
lunch as in: counter
lunch as in: ploughman's .....
lunch as in: cart
lunch as in: carte blanc (close)
lunch as in: late .....
lunch as in: bag (both ways)
lunch as in: eat .....
lunch as in: room
lunch as in: wagon
lunch as in: light .....
lunch as in: free .....
lunch as in: hour
lunch as in: er
lunch as in: menu
lunch as in: list
lunch as in: mittagessen
lunch as in: déjeuner
lunch as in: almuerzo
lunch as in: tanghalian
lunch as in: almoço
lunch as in: 昼食
lunch as in: обед
lunch as in: 午餐
lunch as in: μεσημεριανό
lunch as in :ארוחת צהריים
lunch as in: lõuna
lunch as in: lunsj
lunch as in: middagete

Lions in the Library

Living so close to Boston I have the fortune to visit the Boston Public Library frequently. Not only am I lover of literature but also a lover of architecture. This building is amazing. It's a mixture of two distinct styles. The newer building built in the 1960's has that 60's 70's modern touch to it. The older original building has a Victorian flare to it. The library over looks Copley Square, a pleasant place in the bustling city. If you have a chance to visit, do so, it's filled with treasures and surprises around every corner.

One of the most distinct features inside are the two greater than life size lions which guard the grand staircase in the McKim (older) Building. They sit on their perches and watch as you walk up and down the stairs. There are two cozy window seats nearby where one can gaze out over the courtyard and fountain, or just check out what the lions are up to.

The lions are actually part of a memorial to Massachusetts Civil War infantry regiments,…

Donkey Standard Time

Who needs a Timex when you have a donkey?

Welcome to Muleshoe

I was looking through the USA Today this morning at my local Starbucks and something caught my eye. I don't remember what the article referenced but it was the name of a town, Muleshoe, Texas. I have always been curious how certain cities/towns received their names. My hometown of Salisbury, Massachusetts was named for Salisbury, England from where most of the settlers lived before religious persecution. Unfortunately Salisbury, Massachusetts doesn't have the famous Stonehenge that Salisbury, England has, but it does have a fine beach.

Back to Muleshoe. Did you know that Muleshoe is the home of the National Mule Memorial. I guess if I were a Mule I would be proud to know that there is a memorial honoring my kind. Who thinks up these things? Is there a National Rabbit Memorial somewhere. What about a National Beatle (bugs not rock group) Memorial? I haven't even heard of a National Cat Memorial. I'm sure many cat owners would want to make a pilgrimage to such a place.


ThemeThursday - Gettin Boxy With It

Yesterday I strolled out to the mailbox. As i stepped into the street I was almost hit by an econobox. Inside of this mode of transportation was a load of carboxylase which is used in making breadboxes

This is strange as I specifically remember a train pulling into town with many boxcars loaded with teaboxes containing thromboxane. This is used not only to make breadboxes but also to make sweatboxes and switchboxes.

Next to the train station sits a saltbox home so old and dry that it is actually a tinderbox. I went to work there with my toolbox to fix the strongbox located inside the residence. I asked the owner if she could pay me in boxberries. She relpied saying she only had tickets to skybox seats at Fenway Park to a Redsox game. I became unboxed and I said, "I'm  not going to sit in that little bandbox of a stadium," and I challenged her to a kickboxing match. 

Well that little lady could box. Apparently she is a former boxer and boxed with the likes of Joe Fraser, M…

New Hampshire Rap

This is the funniest parody I have seen of New Hampshire. The rap goes fast. If you go to the Youtube site "click here" you can click a little tab under the video to see all the NH references in the lyrics. You will laugh, guaranteed.

Littlest Coach Fires Up Boston Red Sox

Recently I blogged about this boy and how he can deliver the famous Herb Brooks "Miracle" speech. Last night the Red Sox invited him to deliver that same speech with a few changes to the opening night crowd and players. He is standing in front of 37,000 some odd fans and delivers this speech flawlessly.

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Happy Easter from the Cool Fox, Mr. Groundhog, Bunny Rabbit, and Mickey Mouse

For Easter we can all get along! Happy Easter to everyone!

Theme Thursday - Yellow

I love the subtleness of the yellow in this sea of green.

Yellow lines
Yellow signs
What's a moose to do?

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