Lions in the Library

McKim Building - Boston Public Library
Living so close to Boston I have the fortune to visit the Boston Public Library frequently. Not only am I lover of literature but also a lover of architecture. This building is amazing. It's a mixture of two distinct styles. The newer building built in the 1960's has that 60's 70's modern touch to it. The older original building has a Victorian flare to it. The library over looks Copley Square, a pleasant place in the bustling city. If you have a chance to visit, do so, it's filled with treasures and surprises around every corner.

One of the most distinct features inside are the two greater than life size lions which guard the grand staircase in the McKim (older) Building. They sit on their perches and watch as you walk up and down the stairs. There are two cozy window seats nearby where one can gaze out over the courtyard and fountain, or just check out what the lions are up to.

The lions are actually part of a memorial to Massachusetts Civil War infantry regiments, the Second and the Twentieth. They were sculpted by Louis St. Gaudens.

The standing joke among tour guides is when they bring their groups by the lions they are heard to say, "does anyone notice any detail?"

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