Sepia Saturday - A Cowgirl's First Post Card

The Home for Aged Men - Newburyport, Massachusetts
This building still stands and provides the same services.
Postmark: July 31, 1912 Boston, MA (Station A)

Thanks to Christine H at the Daily Post Card Blog for giving me the 
idea of using old post cards in Sepia Saturday. I have a ton of these.

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The "cowgirl" is Grace. The card is addressed to Eliza Whitaker of Haverhill, Mass. But how are they related? A neighbor? A school teacher? A store owner? A relative? Perhaps this is the first time the cowgirl has written a post card. Maybe it's her first time ever corresponding via mail. Her hand writing has the flare of an elementary school student. It looks as though much effort was made to keep her penmanship neat. 

Grace's text:
"Dear Mrs. Whitaker, This is the first time I have written to you this summer since I left  have you missed me very much  I have coming with to see you sometime before the summer over to see you  from the cowgirl Grace"

The return address, unusual for a postcard, is 40 Berkley St, Boston, Mass. I Google Earthed that address and it is a tower residence for the YWCA. The building looks much to modern for 1912. There must have been an earlier building belonging to the YWCA.


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