ThemeThursday - Gettin Boxy With It

Yesterday I strolled out to the mailbox. As i stepped into the street I was almost hit by an econobox. Inside of this mode of transportation was a load of carboxylase which is used in making breadboxes

This is strange as I specifically remember a train pulling into town with many boxcars loaded with teaboxes containing thromboxane. This is used not only to make breadboxes but also to make sweatboxes and switchboxes.

Next to the train station sits a saltbox home so old and dry that it is actually a tinderbox. I went to work there with my toolbox to fix the strongbox located inside the residence. I asked the owner if she could pay me in boxberries. She relpied saying she only had tickets to skybox seats at Fenway Park to a Redsox game. I became unboxed and I said, "I'm  not going to sit in that little bandbox of a stadium," and I challenged her to a kickboxing match. 

Well that little lady could box. Apparently she is a former boxer and boxed with the likes of Joe Fraser, Mohamed Ali, and Lord Boxington. She outboxed me by boxing my ears and then sicked her boxer on me. I boxhauled it out of there as fast as I could.

When I returned home I opened the icebox retrieved the cheesebox and began eating. I turned on the jukebox, then sat on a box to relax. It felt a little chilly inside my pillbox home so I opened the matchbox, got some wood from the tinderbox/woodbox and struck up some flames in the firebox.

My wife came home and started talking nonsensically about some gearboxes she ordered to make carboxypeptidase. She really is a chatterbox as she would not shut up. She ordered me to go out to the postbox and see if there was a box with the gearbox in it. On the way I tripped over the coalbox crushing the hatbox.

It was a hellbox of day so I decided to grab my tacklebox, walked down to the creek to fish for boxfish.

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