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I was looking through the USA Today this morning at my local Starbucks and something caught my eye. I don't remember what the article referenced but it was the name of a town, Muleshoe, Texas. I have always been curious how certain cities/towns received their names. My hometown of Salisbury, Massachusetts was named for Salisbury, England from where most of the settlers lived before religious persecution. Unfortunately Salisbury, Massachusetts doesn't have the famous Stonehenge that Salisbury, England has, but it does have a fine beach.

Back to Muleshoe. Did you know that Muleshoe is the home of the National Mule Memorial. I guess if I were a Mule I would be proud to know that there is a memorial honoring my kind. Who thinks up these things? Is there a National Rabbit Memorial somewhere. What about a National Beatle (bugs not rock group) Memorial? I haven't even heard of a National Cat Memorial. I'm sure many cat owners would want to make a pilgrimage to such a place.

Muleshoe must be very proud of their mules as they even have a very large statue of a mule as pictured here. It's very life like don't you think? Do you suppose there are stray mules just roaming the streets there? That might make for difficult driving as mules can be stubborn beasts.

There is also the Muleshoe Heritage Center. It has many historic homes very much like Olde Sturbridge Village or Strawbery Banke.

Just to let you know Muleshoe isn't any old local yokal poe-dunk backwater town. It's a city of approximately 4262 souls according to the 2008 census. That's nothing to hee-haw at. Muleshoe boasts an airport, a national wildlife refuge, a golf course, a sports academy and last but not least, the Tour de Muleshoe bike race. Undoubtedly Lance Armstrong has raced this since he is from Texas.

The worlds largest mule shoe can be found here. It's 27 feet tall, 17 feet wide, 11 feet wide at its base, and weighs 15,000 lbs. It must be in the Guiness Book of World Records as I have not heard of a bigger mule shoe, have you?

The local high school's mascot is the (you guessed it) mules. Might I suggest a city motto? Muleshoe: the proud city where you might get kicked in the ass by an ass.

Visit Muleshoe if you're ever in the area. Just be careful where you step.
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