Theme Thursday - Yellow

I love the subtleness of the yellow in this sea of green.

Yellow lines
Yellow signs
What's a moose to do?


PattiKen said…
Oh, this is my favorite! Great picture! And I just love the touches of yellow here and there.

Mine is here.
Crazyasa said…
Thanks Colette, Tina, and Pattiken and everyone else for your kind comment. I love this theme concept.
Ji said…
beautiful yellow Haiku!
Ji said…

I have Haiku for theme Thursday yellow,
hope that you enjoy mine!
Ji said…

thank you for visiting my blog,
some awards for you to pick up,
Happy Sunday!
Tressa said…
believe that this Isaac Shields is my great great grandfather, he is the father of William Shields (1870-1943) who is the father of Roy Shields (1925-2001), father of my dad William. Would be interested to how you discovered this info or came across the pic... I can be reached at - Scott

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