Sepia Saturday - Bridges Then And Now

The many incarnations of the Parker River Bridge (Route 1A)
Newbury, Massachusetts

Bridges come, bridges go.
This one once carried cattle and trolleys, now it carries bicycles and autos.
It once had 7 piers, then 4, now 2.
Constructed of wood, and of stone, then of concrete, then steel,
and all made by muscle.
One lane, two lanes, three lanes, four lanes,
they open they close.
They let water flow one way, boats flow two.

Wood and Stone Structure. Seven piers.  Post mark 1902

Reinforced concrete. Four piers. Circa 1934. Photo 2006.
(note the netting to protect boaters from falling concrete)

Concrete and steel. Two piers. Circa 2009. Photo 2010.

What will be here next?


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