Sepia Saturday - Tangible History

Sometimes one has to look at the details in a photo to find another story. These two photos I had found in different parts of my mother's albums. I thought I was seeing two different photo locations and sessions at first. If you look closely the baby is wearing the same clothes. Look at those crazy socks!

At first I thought these were studio photos They seem very well posed. The photographer has expertly gained the baby's attention.
A closer look and my knowledge of furniture in my grandfathers house brings me to conclude these photos were snapped at the family residence. In the lower photo the baby sits on a chair which I call, for a lack of a proper term, a corner chair. This is the type of chair that sits snuggly in the corner of a room, perhaps a small room. One sits diagonally in this chair. I myself have sat  in this very chair when I was a child. In fact it was a favorite chair for us grandchildren to sit when we visited grandpa as is was so unique.

That chair still exsists as the home is still in the family. I call this chair "tangible history" as this chair has seen several generations of our family and can be physically touched to this day.

Oh, and that baby? That's my daddy. He may be gone but his chair endures time.


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