Guarding Gargoyles

Alright the title isn't that accurate but isn't there something called a writer's liberty? This creature is refered to as a griffin. It looks like a gargoyle to me. It's truly amazing to see something closely when it usually is seen from the street level several stories above. In fact who would even notice them up there? If someone on the street asked me if I knew what those creatures were or to describe their appearance I would have no clue. one really would need binoculars to get a close look at them. From the street they seem small but as these photos show they are rather tall.

This striking copper griffin originally ornamented one of the four finials decorating the roof line of the Boston Public Library's McKim Building. Each finial, which reaches 14 feet at the height of it's spire, features 3 griffins at the base. This particular griffin faced eastward and was located on the Blagdon Street corner now abutting the Johnson Building.
The manufacturer of the finial is not known but the stampings and the metal work are of very good quality. Over 100 years of weathering and various repairs are evident in the visible solider joints. In 2001 the 4 finials were refabricated in Vermont using the originals as models and copper reproductions were installed in 2002.

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