Just When You Thought You Had Seen IT All (video update)

Warning: This is a repost from 6/23/10 (just sayin)

Dateline: York Beach, Maine, USA
Paparazzi Spot Moose On Vacation
(video update 9/1/2010)

It's one thing to see a moose in the middle of the road. It's a tall gangley creature which takes it's time crossing highways and gets itself into more trouble than they should be. An animal that big is out of place anywhere outside the deep woods. In fact I'm sure they would prefer to be in the deep woods. Moose are colored a dark brown for one specific reason. That is to blend into the underbrush which helps hide it from any predator bent on eating them. ie. coyote, wolf, wild dogs, humans.

It's a completely different thing to see a moose venture into the Atlantic Ocean in Southern Maine. A dazzling sight indeed. This moose evidently thought it was going to cool off and try to "hang ten" with other narly surfer dudes.

A family from New York State got the shock of their lives when they heard other beach goers yelling moose! The animal pranced right past their beach blanket (not pausing for the tanning lotion) and headed into the water. They were able to snap these two photos before Mrs. Moose went into hiding. 
Seacoast Online who carried this story ended the article by saying, "Along with stopping at Long Sands Beach, the moose also toured the Nubble peninsula before taking a dip at Short Sands Beach and was last seen heading off into the wooded area on Shore Road, according to police."

Commmentary: "The moose 'toured' Nubble peninsula." Are we  to believe that this was a planned tourist-moose event? :)

Thanks to our official moose spotter in York, Maine for this source.
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Uapa said…
That's crazy, I'd have thought sun was so strong to give me some allucination! XD

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