Stoic Statue

Choate Statue, Salem, Massachusetts:

I'm not that familiar with who Joseph Hodges Choate was other than the fact that he was an Ambassador to the United Kingdom. One can find his claim to fame in this Wikipedia link. What impresses me about the sculpture is that she is a rather imposing figure. This photo really doesn't do her justice.

It's a very difficult photo to obtain. She is located in the middle of a busy intersection on a very small island. There are no crosswalks to that island. Even if one were to be able to find their way to this island, once there the island is so small it is difficult to capture the entire statue in frame. So this shot is taken from the safety of a sidewalk across the street.

The monument is topped by a seated allegorical female figure representing Liberty holding up a laurel wreath in her raised right hand. In her left hand she holds a shield adorned with an eagle and thirteen stars. The sculpture rests on a block of granite adorned on the front with a circular relief depicting the head of Joseph Hodges Choate surrounded by a laurel wreath.

Sculptor: John Massey Rhind (1860-1936)
Dedicated October 16, 1923

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