Theme Thursday - Triangle

When I was 10 years old I had this very strange and somewhat frightening experience.

After school one day I decided to take a short cut. This short cut, through the woods, was a more direct route to my house from school and cut off about a half mile of walking. It happened to be an early November gray afternoon. The forest was very dark, damp and foggy.

As I ambled down this path toward home a man dressed in a suit bounded out of the bushes, held up a t-square and yelled, TRIANGLES, TRIANGLES, TRIANGLES!” He kept repeating TRIANGLES several times. I stopped in my tracks, frozen in fear. I turned around and ran home using the longer street route.

The next day. I decided to see if the shortcut path was clear. As a I approached the same bushes that man in a gray suit jumped out, held up a t-square and yelled TRIANGLES several times again. I turned and ran home the longer route again. I was so scared when I arrived home that I was speechless. I couldn't say anything. I just went in my bedroom and started doing my homework.

The third day I tried this same path again. This time it was out of curiosity more than anything else. Again that same well dressed man jumped out of the bushes and held up a t-square and yelled TRIANGLES!

This time even though I had a feeling a fright, my curiosity took over that instinctual action of fleeing. I opened my book bag, fumbled around, and took out my little plastic ruler and protractor. I held them up like a weapons and yelled. "PROTRACTOR!"  I felt both fear courage and determination at the same time as the well dress man slowly approached. I had to stand my ground and assert my right to this shortcut.

The strange man came within reaching distance. I thought this was it, the end, and I felt as though I was about to be harmed in some way. He reached down grabbed the my ruler and protractor out of my hands and ran away down the path.

As he left he turned and yelled, “thanks man, this is exactly what I need. My boss keeps yelling at me to triangles.

To triangles I said?

He stopped, cleared his throat chuckled and said, “no my friend, TRY angles. My boss keeps yelling at me to TRY angles instead of straight lines. I'm about to lose my job but you saved me! With that he turned, ran down the path and disappeared.

I was still baffled but went home continuing down the very same path. As I stepped back on the next street I saw thew man enter a building next me. On the brick wall was a sign the read, “PYRAMID BUILDERS ARCHITECTURAL ASSOCIATES.”

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