Theme Thursday - White

I remember racing home on a summer day of playing either at Great Brook or coming from day camp. Hung on our clothesline was all the laundry for the day, blowing in the breeze. White sheets is what came to mind when I saw this week's theme.

Does anyone own white sheets anymore, let alone hang them out to dry? I understand it would be a chore to keep white sheets white. maybe that's why the trend started toward colored and patterned sheets.

My mother always hung out the sheets to dry as the seasons allowed. We had a long pulley style clothesline that was attached at one point to out house and the far end was attached to a tree. She originally had two of these lines to handle they large volume of  laundry a family of four would have. At some point the longer of the two lines broke. This was one of the projects on my father's list to fix. That sure was a long list!

I would help mother bring in the laundry to be folded and put away, but rarely helped fold.  My mother and grandmother always ironed the sheets that were to be put back in the linen closet. The freshly washed and dried white sheets were put right back on the beds. The scent of white sheets after they have been hung out to dry in the summer sun is intoxicatingly fresh. We knew it was going to be a cozy way to fall asleep.  

To see more of that bright white light click here.

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