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Sepia Saturday - Fire House Memories

Central Fire Station - Market Square Newburyport, Massachusetts

This building was once the public market house of the city built in 1823. It is remarkable in that it was designed by the famous architect Charles Bulfinch. Bulfinch also designed the new (1798) state house in Boston, Fanuiel Hall, and the reconstruction of the US Capitol building. (after it was burned by the British) In the mid 1800's it was converted to a fire house and police station. In 1991 it was redesigned for use as a theatre/arts center for Newburyport.

My brother-in-law was a firefighter stationed here for many years. He can remember the original horse harnesses for the old steamer engines were still hanging when he first started. He also tells of having to sand bag the north side of the building, which abuts the Merrimack River from the rising tide during the Blizzard of 1978. It was soon after the blizzard that headquarters moved into a new building in another part of the city.

When I was in kindergarten th…

Theme Thursday - Light Houses

Just a few lighthouses in the area from my photo collection.
Click any pic to magnify.

Follow the lighthouses and you will be enlightened with more
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International Controversy Caused by Octopus

Paul the Octopus has sparked international controversy again. He has been the subject of a speech by Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. He says Paul the Octopus reflects all that’s wrong with the western world. In recent speeches, he called Paul out, saying he spreads "western propaganda and suspicion," and that "those who believe in this type of thing cannot be the leaders of the global nations that aspire, like Iran, to human perfection."

Well I can understand why Iranians might be angry with Paul. That reason is their soccer/football team SUCKS! In fact the entire world might be angry with Paul and that reason is their soccer/footballl team sucks as well. Only one country should be happy with Paul and that is Spainas he predicted the Spanish World Cup victory. It might be wise of Paul to take up that offer from the Spanish Prime Minister of political asylum. Good luck Paul and stay safe.

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Welcome to T1 R13 WELS, Maine (Our 300th Post!)

Image via Wikipedia What and where is T1 R13 WELS? The State of Maine has some very strange place names for their cities, towns, and MCDs. MCDs? An MCD is a Minor Civil Division. Of the 911 MCDs in Maine 380 have place names with nondescript letters and numbers. This is how the State of Maine keeps track of areas that are not populated or the population is to low to pony up the taxes to run a full fledged town. There are many areas in Maine that are not populated. In fact the State of Maine is known to have the last great wilderness areas in the United States east of the Mississippi River.

Would you like to own your own town? Buy up all the property in a MCD and you can be the mayor and name it whatever you would like.

There is a road in Maine called the "Golden Road." The Golden Road is a private road owned and maintained by the paper companies. It is mainly used to haul logs to the paper plant in .

The paper companies allow the public to use the road for a toll fee. It is a…

Dog Glass

Leslie's Retreat Park
Salem Massachusetts
Those of you that know me there is an inside message here.
For those of you that don't know me just leave a comment. I will get back to you. Related articles by ZemantaSculptures made from recycled stuff appear overnight in Salem park (

Old Man Reborn

"Men hang out their signs indicative of their respective trades; shoe makers hang out a gigantic shoe; jewelers a monster watch, and the dentist hangs out a gold tooth; but up in the Mountains of New Hampshire, God Almighty has hung out a sign to show that there He makes men." Daniel Webster

This is a subject I have always wanted to blog but never found a good ending.

Now there is one. It involves a natural stone profile image of an old man on the side of a mountain. If you were to look at this at the right angle and perspective his image would appear. It was a very popular tourist attraction for centuries. It was so popular that it became the symbol of the State of New Hampshire. The state uses the image on their license plates, state road signs, and it was chosen to be the image on the obverse side of the state quarter. In May 3, 2003 it came crashing down into the valley below. This was never witnessed as it was foggy the morning after the fall. A group of hikers camping i…


This is a REPOST, 7/14/08. Just saying...

Ok, so here's the deal......

You are walking in the forest with your friend. when suddenly a huge grizzly bear runs out of the woods and towards your very best friend. You don't know if the bear is going to kill your friend, badly injure him by biting and mauling, or just leave a scratch on his hand. It is for certain that the bear WILL attack your very best friend. You just don't know to which degree the attack will be.

Now you can save your very best friend just by stepping between the bear and your friend. The bear WILL NOT harm you at all. The bear will walk away and you will be free. Everyone will be safe. However, If you choose to save your very best friend, you will experience rainy days for the rest of your life. Its not a catastrophic rain, or something that will change the environment, but it will be raining each and everyday for the rest of your life.

Your choice..... do you save your friend and experience rainy days for…

Sepia Saturday - Navigation Locations

This week is a double postcard special! The two cards are related in that they are navigational aids at the mouth of the Merrimack River where it empties into the Atlantic Ocean between Salisbury Beach and Plum Island, Massachusetts. The river here is notoriously dangerous and is known to be the 2nd most dangerous entrance on the US east coast. The first most dangerous being the at the Cape Hatteras area. Each year there are several boating mishaps at the entrance. This year there has been a fatality.

The first card is of the Plum Island Lighthouse. There have been several lighthouses in this area. Most have had to be moved as the mouth of the Merrimack has shifted to different locations over the centuries. The current light house dates back to 1898. It originally burned whale oil to keep the light shining. It was converted to kerosene in 1878 and electicity in 1927. The keepers cottage is still in use today owned by the Parker River Wildlife Refuge.

In 2003 the US Coast Guard turned …

Sailing Whale

This is UNBELIEVABLE! After the obligatory advert watch this.

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Theme Thursday - Park

Those of us that hail from Massachusetts, when visiting other parts of the country, are frequently asked to say a few simple words. It's not as if we are asked to give a speech as there are only six words in this simple sentence.

It's not that I mind saying them or that they are difficult words to pronounce. It's really about how they are said and the frequency in which I am asked to say them. I was asked to say these words when I was attending college in West Virginia hundreds of times. I asked so many times that I refused to say them correctly. I just don't see how they can be of any entertainment value to anyone. But being the polite guest I would oblige, or should I say indulge my hosts.

Do I have your curiosity? Maybe you have asked this of a Massachusetts resident yourself?

Those words are: "Pahk the cah in Hahvd Yahd." Translation to English: "Park the car in Harvard Yard."


They ah many otha fine Theme Thehsdey posts i…

Dear Aliens...

From the social networking website, a project to send messages to an actual star, 20 light years away, that supposedly could contain intelligent life. These messages were sent via radio telescope toward this star.

Hi Aliens,
I really don't believe in aliens but I suppose if you're getting this now, I was epically wrong, sorry.
PS: We invented the George Foreman grill therefore we're better than you.

Hi Aliens:
If you get this and you get coordinates and stuff from earth, please don't come and kill us. Because that's not nice. Thanks!
Unless you kill us, then no thanks.

Hi Aliens:
You are lucky to live over 20 years from earth. By the time you get this I will be getting my state pension and my country's capitol, London, will be under water due to global warming, melting of the polar ice caps. (the white bits your see at the top and bottom of our planet)
PS: Don't invent/use fossil fuel based engines.

Commentary: If these are the among the first mess…

Sepia Saturday - The Strongest Link

This bridge is known as the Chain Bridge or the Essex-Merrimac Bridge. It spans the Merrimack River from Newburyport to Deer Island. There is another bridge from Deer Island to Amesbury which I wrote of in my "Bridge to Freedom" post. The bridge is one of the two detour bridges I wrote about in my "Bridge of Death" post. The postcard is the Chain Bridge's original 1810 design making it the oldest and first suspension bridge in the US. There was an earlier bridge here, dating back to 1792, made of wood in the form of an arch making it the first bridge to span the Merrimack River. George Washington crossed the Merrimack River by ferry not far from here on his tour of the New England states in 1789. In 1827 after a heavy winter snow the bridge collapsed under the weight of snow and an ox cart. All five chains of one side snapped sending six oxen, two horses, and two men to the river below. The men and horses survived the long fall into the frigid water but the ox…

Makes Perfect Sense To Me

Haikus are easy
But sometimes they don't make sense

Theme Thursday - Help

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Here We Go Again - London 2012

London just does not get it. Do they? First they come up with this crazy logo that was introduced to the world when the city was chosen to host the 2012 Summer Olympic Games. Recently they introduced the mascots. All Olympic Games have had mascots since 1968. Have a look below.

Really, what the heck is it? Links to London 2012 logo rants:
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The Prophecies of Paul (the octopus)

Paul the Octopus has a rising star as a prophet. Even the Christian Science Monitor a church related publication has given him some notoriety.

According to the Monitor, he has a perfect record. Paul has prophecised every win in this year's World Cup
However Paul has caused a bit of international strife. Germany, his home country, is not to happy with Paul after he correctly predicted Spain to defeat Germany. The Dutch are blaming their loss on an English referee and the have a bone to pick with Paul's words against them.
A reporter in Argentina is has shown his frustration with Paul's entire species by putting one in a blender. Ugggh, disgusting.
Many nations are now "claiming" Paul as one of their own, to get in on some of the action. The Brits say he was born in Weymouth and traded to the German aquarium. The French and Italians are claiming he was caught  in the Mediterranean off their respective coasts. This dispute may go all the way to the United Nations.
The Sp…

Angels Over The Harbor

Interesting cloud formation over Marblehead Harbor, Massachusetts.
Photo taken from Marblehead Neck, Marblehead, Massachusetts.
It's a very photo friendly area.

Sepia Saturday - A Little Girl's Eyes

The little girl in the middle of this photo is my paternal grandmother, Beatrice. The photo was taken when she was only six years old in 1900. I never knew my grandmother as she passed away when my father was only 12. She left four children, two boys and two girls.

The photo is labeled from left to right; Sarah Woodward, Anita, Beatrice Baily (my grandmother), Phillip, and Lucy Baily (my great-grandmother). I have no idea what relationship Sarah and the two babies are to the family. I only speculate Sarah must have been Lucy's sister and the babies Anita and Phillip are cousins.

Beatrice has her hand on her aunt's shoulder and seems to be staring intently off camera. I'm not sure if her hair style was in vogue in 1900 but it seems cut very short for a little girl. She is a cutie though.

When I was little it seemed strange to me that my father's mother wasn't around. When I found out she had passed away when my father was 12, I remember questioning him about her, be…

Place Your Bets NOW!

This is a sure bet. Paul the Octopus has picked Spain to win over The Netherlands in the World Cup championship match. Paul has predicted correctly the last 5 World Cup matches. Paul lives in an aquarium in Berlin, Germany and even predicted his own country's loss to Spain. I'm telling you can't go wrong here!

High and Dry


Theme Thursday - Ball

Beach walkers pass tar balls that line a long stretch of sand in Pensacola Beach, Fla., Thursday, June 24, 2010. Pensacola Beach officials have closed the public beaches to swimmers. Oil from the Deepwater Horizon disaster continues to wash ashore along the Alabama and Florida coasts.

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We Caught You Mr. Goundhog

You thought we forgot about you didn't you. Well Mr. Groundhog we have been following you, and we have caught you red-handed with red tulips. You think we can't see you hiding there in that tulip patch but nooooooo. We had our cameras set up to watch you. You're a sneaky one aren't you Mr. Groundhog? We are on your case. We still are lobbying to take over Groundhog Day. Don't get to comfy in your air conditioned den, getting fat on sweet tulip blossoms. Come next February 2nd there is going to be a new fox in town. Punxsutawney Phil is going down! The fox will rule! (not FOXTV they suck)