Dear Aliens...

From the social networking website, a project to send messages to an actual star, 20 light years away, that supposedly could contain intelligent life. These messages were sent via radio telescope toward this star.

Hi Aliens,
I really don't believe in aliens but I suppose if you're getting this now, I was epically wrong, sorry.
PS: We invented the George Foreman grill therefore we're better than you.

Hi Aliens:
If you get this and you get coordinates and stuff from earth, please don't come and kill us. Because that's not nice. Thanks!
Unless you kill us, then no thanks.

Hi Aliens:
You are lucky to live over 20 years from earth. By the time you get this I will be getting my state pension and my country's capitol, London, will be under water due to global warming, melting of the polar ice caps. (the white bits your see at the top and bottom of our planet)
PS: Don't invent/use fossil fuel based engines.

Commentary: If these are the among the first messages alien life receive from us, we are all in trouble!
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