The Prophecies of Paul (the octopus)

Paul the Octopus has a rising star as a prophet. Even the Christian Science Monitor a church related publication has given him some notoriety.

According to the Monitor, he has a perfect record. Paul has prophecised every win in this year's World Cup

However Paul has caused a bit of international strife. Germany, his home country, is not to happy with Paul after he correctly predicted Spain to defeat Germany. The Dutch are blaming their loss on an English referee and the have a bone to pick with Paul's words against them.

A reporter in Argentina is has shown his frustration with Paul's entire species by putting one in a blender. Ugggh, disgusting.

Many nations are now "claiming" Paul as one of their own, to get in on some of the action. The Brits say he was born in Weymouth and traded to the German aquarium. The French and Italians are claiming he was caught  in the Mediterranean off their respective coasts. This dispute may go all the way to the United Nations.

The Spanish Prime Minister has offered Paul political asylum.

As for now, Paul is living in the lap of luxury with an unlimited supply of his favorite food, mussels. His tank is now adorned with a replica of the World Cup

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