Sepia Saturday - A Little Girl's Eyes

The little girl in the middle of this photo is my paternal grandmother, Beatrice. The photo was taken when she was only six years old in 1900. I never knew my grandmother as she passed away when my father was only 12. She left four children, two boys and two girls.

The photo is labeled from left to right; Sarah Woodward, Anita, Beatrice Baily (my grandmother), Phillip, and Lucy Baily (my great-grandmother). I have no idea what relationship Sarah and the two babies are to the family. I only speculate Sarah must have been Lucy's sister and the babies Anita and Phillip are cousins.

Beatrice has her hand on her aunt's shoulder and seems to be staring intently off camera. I'm not sure if her hair style was in vogue in 1900 but it seems cut very short for a little girl. She is a cutie though.

When I was little it seemed strange to me that my father's mother wasn't around. When I found out she had passed away when my father was 12, I remember questioning him about her, being the curious boy. I asked him if he missed her. He simply answered, "yes I do son, yes I do."

Every Memorial Day dad always planted a geranium on her grave. 

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