Congratulations President Carter

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Sometimes President Jimmy Carter gets a bad rap. A 2009 C-SPAN poll ranks him 25th of 44 presidents in United States history. A 2005 Wall Street Journal poll ranks him 34th of 43 presidents. The Times of London ranks him at 32nd just above their 10 worst presidents list.

Many blame him for a recession. The fact is he inherited a failing economy from the previous failed presidencies of Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford.

Many see the release of the Panama Canal to the country of Panama as a failure. He was acting on only what was fair, to give back property that wasn't ours.

But today Carter is a hero. He deservers to be ranked up with Washington and Lincoln. He has won the release of a school teacher, Aijalon Mahli Gomes of Massachusetts. Gomes was sentenced to a hard labor prison in North Korea after being convicted of spying. He happened to be hiking in China and strayed across the North Korean border.

Carter has done so much to benefit mankind since his presidency. He established The Carter Center for humanity. He has worked closely with Habitat from Humanity. He earned a Nobel Peace Prize in 2002 for finding peaceful solutions to international conflicts. He also has been sent by several succeeding presidents on diplomatic missions.

Congratulations Mr. President, you have made the Gomes family and your the country you serve very happy and today you are a hero!
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