Sepia Saturday - Postcard Travels

On this postcard the person speaks of travelling. It is postmarked Haverhill, Mass, Jan. 4, 11:30 A., 1913. Since the author wrote the message upside down on this postcard I have transcribed the message for you here: (you don't have to stand on your head)
Dear Carrie, I haven't felt equal to Salem this week. Have done what I could at this end of the route including to half day trips. Hope to go to S. the first of next week if convenient for you. Mon. if I can, otherwise Tues. Can't stay many days but hope we can have a day in Boston Fri. S.G.S.
The card is of the rear of the Lord Timothy Dexter house in Newburyport, Massachusetts. Dexter was an eccentric fellow and his home reflected that. I will have a post later about him and his home.

But the real story is not the postcard itself, it is where that person was travelling. S.G.S. apparently was not feeling well and had made plans to travel to Salem in January of 1913. Those of you not familiar with New England weather, January is about the coldest, snowiest, and stormiest month of the year. We have these things called Nor'easters which are basically hurricanes with snow. The winds are from the northeast coming over the cold Atlantic Ocean. For a person who is ill travelling on most likely a train with a coal fired steam engine, that has to have been an epic journey. If this person was travelling by train, they would have had to take two lines to get from Haverhill to Salem changing in Boston at North Station. That's a long excursion of the day.

Where did this card end up? The address is 3 Linden St, Salem, Massachusetts. Since I live here in Salem I thought I would find and photograph this home. Number 3 Linden St. is near Salem State University. It is likely now apartments for students.

The home is of Greek Revivalist architecture popular in the 1800's. Who ever Carrie (Mrs. W. H. Derby)  was, her home survived the devastating Great Salem Fire just a year later in 1914. The fire had to have come very close to this area. As you can see it is still in very good shape. The mail box in front is new. I'm sure the deliverer put this card through a slot in those very front doors.

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