la tromperie de l'œil

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Oui a  la tromperie de l'œil. That's French for deception of the eye. It's in the lower right photo and rather obvious. It was in September of 1997 that myself and a friend were involved in a fund raiser called Boston to New York AIDS ride. Thousands of riders raised over $3,000,000 for Hiv/AIDS research.

We are pictured here at the finish line just a few blocks north of the World Trade Center. Two photos were taken of both of us after we rode the entire three day, 300 mile event side by side. We asked a follow rider to shoot a photo of each of us at the finish. He shot Jarid with the World Trade Center in the background. He then turned to me and snapped a photo with the brick building in the background. At the time we of course were unaware of how cherished this photo would become.

Since the 9/11 disaster was such an significant event in American history. I wanted to be pictured with the former towers in the background too as an honour.  It was to late to go to NYC to have a new photo taken as towers were gone.

Due to the magique of photoshop. I was able to cut my photo from the original and place it in the photo with Jarid. In reality I moved a matter of two feet. In the bottom right photo the finished product you can still see the brick building on 7th Avenue were I was standing.

I have this photo proudly displayed to this day.
la tromperie de l'œil
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