Logs (333rd Post!)

We all know about blogs. After all millions are being read or written at this very minute. With the birth of web browsing/surfing there has been a variety of "logs" that have popped up in and around the internet. The term blog actually came from a blend of the words "web log." As folks are always finding a faster way to describe things, the word blog evolved.

Vlogs of late have been gaining in popularity.With smaller hand held video cameras many bloggers have stopped writing and started shooting video clips, thus the word vlog. (video log)

Did you know that there are several other little know "log" type words out there. The CrazyasaCoolFox staff has researched (google/wiki) and found that there is a "log" for every letter of the alphabet. Let's get started!

  • Alog - Ants on a log bloggers write alogs.
  • Blog - Duh, you know this one.
  • Clog - A plumbers blog.
  • Dlog - Dogs write about their daily activities in dlogs. (Today I ate and slept and ate and slept)
  • Elog - Wikipedia describes this as something about someone writing something about some stupid thing in Switzerland that is suppose to suck the whole world into a back hole.
  • Flog - A blog for sadists.
  • Glog - Google actually made this word up for their own in house blogs.
  • Hlog - A blog for hogs (Today I cleaned my house. It was a pig's sty)
  • Ilog - Apple Computer owns the copyright to this word. We had to pay them royalties just to write the word ilog. (whoops, now we owe even more money)
  • Jlog - Joggers bloggers use this.
  • Klog - Kloggers bloggers use this.
  • LLog - A blog for those who purchase LL Bean products
  • Mlog - A micro blog. ie. Twitter
  • Nlog - I'm not even going to try to describe this one. If you want to know more about it click the link ---> http://nlog.codeplex.com/
  • Olog - If you blog about Oprah Winfrey you use an olog.
  • Plog - Weekly photo posts by the Denver Evening Post
  • Qlog - For GLBT community bloggers.
  • Rlog - Reality blogs. Ideal for those who think everything in this post is real.
  • Slog - A blog for cricket players. (wikipedia it)
  • Tlog - A tea lovers blog.
  • Ulog - Yule log owners use ulogs.
  • Vlog - Come on people you know this one too.
  • Wlog - Mathematicians know what a wlog is. They keep track of their daily activity on a wlog as well. (today I wrote a bunch of numbers on paper)
  • Xlog - Porn industry blogs.
  • Ylog - Why log? because we like it!
  • Zlog - Zebras write about their daily routines. (Today I ran away from lions. If I don't write tomorrow you know they got me.)
Thanks for putting up with this craziness! :)
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