Please Tell Me Why (with comments below)

I would like to ask you all my readers why I'm getting a high amount of hits on certain posts and a lower amount on others.

My most popular post is entitled "Triangle." It's a semi-fictitious story about a boy who takes a short cut through the woods. Part of this post really did happen to me but I won't say which part. "Triangle" has been getting approximately 1000 hits per month since I authored it.

My next most popular post is called, "Painted Pigs." Honestly this post is nothing but a silly photograph I found on the internet of some little piglets covered in florescent paints. I thought the photo was cute so I posted it with a caption. I'm getting about half is many posts here as I am with "Triangle." Even more puzzling is that "Painted Pigs" has suddenly become more popular than "Triangle" and is on a pace to become the number one post on this blog in about one month.

My third most popular post is also about pigs. Again its a simple photo of a pig wearing rubber boots. Yes, I am mystified!

Also another strange thing that happens is that these posts are getting very few comments considering the traffic they have attracted. I have many more comments on other posts that have only 50 hits.

I have created a few experiments to see if I could duplicate these results:

  • Firstly, I thought that the tags I enter at the bottom of these posts have something to do with the hits they are getting. Perhaps search engines are picking up these tags. So what I did was enter the tag "triangle" to every one of my posts. Well that didn't do anything to enhance the traffic to other posts.
  • Next I wrote a fictitious story about flying pigs to be at the opening ceremony of the 2012 Summer Olympics in London. I actually passed it off as the truth. My thinking was that there is some general interest in pigs amongst my readers. Well that hardly caused a stir.
  • Finally, I have posted a mysterious story about someone named "Don and his friend." As yet I can not divulge what is in this post that I think is going to attract traffic. It's of similar style as "Triangle." It is however a too early to analyze this data. I will let you know later.

Please my dear readers, click the links and have a look at these posts. Tell me what you think in the comment section of this post. I'm very curious to know why these strange patterns are occurring.

Thanks from the perplexed staff at CrazyasaCoolFox!


Christine H. said…
I don't think your regular readers can answer this. I believe it has to do with Google and other search engine searches. I normally get 90-100 unique visitors per day. Yesterday I got almost 2,500. Why? Because there was some article somewhere that made people search for images of Grace Kelly and took them to a post from 2009.

Do you have Statcounter? If you do, it will tell you what people typed into search-engines to get to your website. Statcounter is free too. I would be really curious to know what the magic word is too. Is it "triangle"?

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