Storm Damages Tree Branch - The Aftermath of Hurricane Earl

Oh the carnage, oh the humanity... It was a hellacious night. The fury of Hurricane Earl swept overhead as we all hunkered down holding our doors closed, praying for mercy. When the sun rose today we all peaked out our windows as if to see total destruction of the world as we know it. We all looked in awe of the damage we saw. Hurricane Earl ripped through this tree as you can see.

A concerned crowd inspects the damage
left by Hurricane Earl
Photo: CrazyasaCoolFox
Damages in our area have been estimated to be in the tens of dollars! A humanitarian effort has been started and help is coming to us from as far as across the street!. It will take as much as 3 minutes for the community to get back on its feet!

This hype sounds familiar doesn't it? Hmmm, maybe the 24 HOUR LIVE COVERAGE by the Boston television stations on what was a dud of a storm. Yeah Earl WAS a hurricane. It WAS a Cat 4. But within 12 hours it lost its power and by the time it got here it was a mere tropical storm. Heck we have seen worse nor'easters here than what happened here yesterday. You don't see 24 hour live coverage for a nor'easter do you?

Hurricane Earl was another example of meteorological boondoggle. Meteorologists can't make up their mind so the try to scare the daylights out of the public. Oh yes now the government has to mobilize ALL emergency resources. I saw a few emergency workers laughing all the way to the bank this morning. They did take a few moments to look a the broken tree limb then went on there merry way.

A concerned sea gull surveys the damage at Salem Willows
(he is there trust me)
Photo: CrazyasaCoolFox
The Hurricane Earl fiasco reminds me of a recent no show blizzard that was for casted by our educated guessing weather experts last winter. My grandmother could tell you what the weather will be better than all your hypotheses combined. Maybe you all need is to start asking your own grandmothers what the forecast will be.

Let's get with the program will you?
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