Theme Thursday - Fence

My blog banner above speaks to this weeks theme. White fences along a quaint New England byway are beautiful in the autumn of the year. I know, another cheesy, easy post from CrazyasaCoolFox, but I just couldn't resist. Honestly there was no collaboration between Theme Thursday blog moderator and myself! :)

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Lenora said…
OK its legitimate and i love your country fence!
Lesley said…
The white fence complements the gorgeous orange trees.
RA said…
Here in Finland white fences are horse fences. :)
DougVernX said…
Thanks everyone for taking the time to post a message. They are all much appreciated. RA, I believe this fence is for horses as well. There are many farms in the northern New England area and many farmers have horses as well. Thanks for sharing. And for everyone thanks for visiting this crazy blog.

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