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Don felt a cold shiver. You see, he lost a very dear friend. They had been friends for years. In fact they were together from the very beginning...

They spent many magical days together. They felt the warmth of the new spring sunlight as it rose higher and higher each day in the sky. Don's friend gave him a new clothes that were made by hand every year. There was always had a signature red and white colour through them.  He was always proud of the way his clothes looked. His friend had very good taste in clothing and knew the latest in style and fashion.

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There were summer days when they frolicked in the watery mist of a sprinkler. It was much need relief from the heat, even though much of his time he spent in the shade of the big trees . His friend would look after him seeing to it that he looked his best.

When fall came they played together in the leaves. They watched the leaves fall from the big trees above. One by one they trickled down. Sometimes they would try to count each them but as the season bore on it was impossible to keep track. Chill was in the air and they knew the inevitable was upon them.

Winter was approaching and they they would have to depart for the season. One staying north, one heading south. His friend made sure he was well taken care of for the long cold season. He was given a heavy blanket for those long cold nights. They hugged one final time and whispered to each other, "til next spring." Those words he clung to and gave him hope as the temperature dropped and the snow fell.

This cycle repeated year after year. When it began again the world was green and fresh and new. That is until Don felt a chill this day.

He felt as though he would never see his friend again. He was sure he was going to miss the new clothes every year, the relief he felt in water, and the fun they had playing in the leaves.

The cycle was broken he thought. He began to wonder aimlessly. His old clothes faded and he wasn't cared for. He tried his best to do it himself but he just couldn't go on.

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Then one day Don decided to go south, the same direction his friend always went every winter. He was curious as to where his friend went every winter.He walked all day until he wore himself out. He was so tired he curled up under the shade of a big tree. This tree looked very much like the tree that he worked and played under with his friend. He felt comfort here. He fell fast asleep

The next morning Don woke up to the sound of people around him. They were there caring for him. They gave him a new set of clothes. They sounded like and looked similar to his old friend. He was very confused, happy, and sad all at the same time. One thing he knew, he was proud of his new clothes.

He thought his old friend was gone forever but she really wasn't. She was present in the spirit of his new friends. He heard that familiar whisper in his ear, "til next spring."

Do you know who "Don" is in this story? He may be a familiar figure to you if you're following me. If you think you know who "Don" is, leave a comment. I will REVEAL "Don" on Thursday, Sept 23, 2010.

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PS: There is a hint somewhere in this post :)
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